Pocket-Sized Blade Disposal Can (DC-3) | OLFA - Professional OLFA – Professional


  • Convenient canister design
  • Snaps 9mm and 18mm blades
  • Accepts 9mm, 18mm, and Safety Blades (RSKB, SKB, SKB-7, and SKB-10)
$3.67 Suggested MSRP
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Snaps & Traps Blades

This handy pocket-size can is ideal for quick and safe blade disposal. The Blade Disposal Can features a black plastic tambour door that opens and closes with one touch for easy disposal of used blades. It secure covers the blade slot when not in use to prevent blades from falling out.

Conveniently fits into a pocket, toolbox, or workstation. The Blade Disposal Can is perfect for use on construction sites, industrial worksites, garages, shop floors, art departments, and more.

Safely dispose of 9mm, 18mm, and Safety Blades (RSKB, SKB-7, and SKB-10). Can be used to snap 9mm and 18mm blades. (DC-3, #1056984)