100mm Dual-Edge Scraper Blade (BS-10B) | OLFA - Professional OLFA – Professional


  • 4-inch (100mm) flexible blade for XSR scrapers
  • Made from high-quality carbon tool steel
  • Designed with one sharp, one blunt and two rough edged sides
$9.50 Suggested MSRP
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Dual-Edge for Multiple Jobs

The functional 4-inch wide 100mm Dual-Edge Scraper Blade is designed for multiple applications. One side of the blade is sharp for fine scraping while the other is blunt for demolition and heavy-duty removal. Features carbon tool steel for durability.

Use the 100mm Dual-Edge Scraper Blade for removal applications like floor tile and adhesives, wall tile and coatings, carpeting and linoleum, epoxies and plastics, roofing materials, and more.

Fits X-Series Extra Heavy-Duty Scrapers. Pack of 10.

(BS-10B, #1086566)