18mm Heavy-duty Enhanced Coated Snap-off Speed Blades, 10 pack (LFB-10B) | OLFA - Professional OLFA – Professional


  • 8-segment 18mm snap-off blade
  • Made from high-quality carbon tool steel
  • Ultra-Sharp enhanced coated blade cuts twice as fast as an uncoated blade when cutting through cardboard
  • Exact 59 degree front-edge angle optimizes cutting power and minimizes blade breakage
  • Fits all OLFA PRO 18mm utility knives
$12.88 Suggested MSRP
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For cutting jobs that require super speed, choose OLFA® black snap-off Speed Blades. These carbon tool steel blades feature an enhanced coating and a double-honed edge for extreme sharpness that allow them to slice through cardboard two times faster than a standard blade. Great for heavy-duty cutting materials including drywall, linoleum, carpet, flooring, insulation, and roofing. (LFB-10B, #1120896)