18mm Heavy-Duty Hook Snap-Off Blade (LH-20B) | OLFA - Professional OLFA – Professional


  • 4-segment 18mm snap-off blade
  • Made from high-quality carbon tool steel
  • For use with Models L-1, L-2, L-5, LA-X, NL-AL, and NOL-1

$9.01 Suggested MSRP
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Protect Under Your Cut

OLFA 18mm Heavy-Duty Hook Snap-Off Blades are ideal for cutting materials like flooring or roofing. The unique hook shape protects the material underneath the cut. Made from high quality carbon tool steel. With four segments per blade, a fresh sharp edge is always available quick and easy.

For use with OLFA Models: L-1, L-2, L-5, LA-X, NL-AL, and NOL-1.

Use these blades for roofing, linoleum, shrink-wrap, rope and twine, and more.

Also available in 25mm size. (LH-20B, #9005US)