18mm Heavy-duty Ultra-Sharp Black Snap-off Blades, 10 pack (LBB-10B) | OLFA - Professional OLFA – Professional


  • 8-segment 18mm snap-off blade
  • Made from high-quality carbon tool steel
  • Heavy-duty ultra-sharp black blade has a 25% sharper edge for less cutting resistance
  • Exact 59 degree front-edge angle optimizes cutting power and minimizes blade breakage
  • Fits all OLFA PRO 18mm utility knives
  • Also available in pack of 5, 50, and 100
$9.39 Suggested MSRP
Where to Buy

OLFA® premium utility knife snap-off blades are made of the finest quality tool grade steel. Each blade undergoes a special multi-step production process to ensure unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention. This makes OLFA® blades virtually unmatched in their initial cutting power and edge retention.

Blade Construction

OLFA® snap-off blades are ground, then specially honed for maximum cutting performance. Ultra-sharp black blades are double honed to produce an edge that is 25% sharper than OLFA standard silver blades. Segments are angled to a precise 59° which complements the natural position the hand assumes when cutting. This precise angle helps prevent the blade from breaking during use. The cutting edge of OLFA® snap-off blades can be instantly and easily refreshed upwards of 13 times – simply snap off the dulled segment for a fresh edge. The snap-off blade also offers an advantage in material cost savings by providing up to 13 edges versus the two of traditional utility blades.

Blade Use

Use these heavy-duty blades on construction materials such as linoleum, carpet, flooring, insulation, roofing, and much more. (LBB-10B, #9070US)