18" x 24" Double-Sided Rotary Mat (RM-SG) | OLFA - Professional OLFA – Professional


  • Heat-welded three-layer construction for long life
  • Self-healing finish reseals surface cuts
  • Extends life of blades for optimized cutting
  • Available in solid or folding styles
$34.63 Suggested MSRP
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Designed for Heavy-Duty Cutting

The Double-Sided Rotary Mat optimizes cutting. The mat is constructed with three heat-welded layer for long life. The self-healing finish reseals surface cuts to extend blade life. This Double-Sided Mat has grid-lines on one side for precision cutting and is solid on the opposite side for general cutting.

The Double-Sided Rotary Mat  is 18-inch by 24-inch with an easy-to-read measuring grid and angles. (RM-SG, #9881)