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Meet All Pro Team Member: Casey Cunningham

Meet All Pro Team Member: Casey Cunningham

It’s time to meet this jack-of-all-trades who has always had a knack for fixing things – 2020 All Pro Team member The_Maintenance_Mechanic, or as we know him, Casey Cunningham.

Casey grew up on a dairy farm and now works in facility maintenance. He is a married father of three daughters who resides in Northern Wisconsin. Keep reading to learn Casey’s favorite OLFA knife, what he would do if he won the lottery and who he’d call his personal hero:

How long have you been using OLFA?

About three years now.

What is the best part of being on the OLFA ALL-PRO Team?

The best part is being able to share some of the best cutting tools I have ever used and connecting with other skilled craftsmen.

What is your favorite OLFA tool?

My favorite has got to be my MXP-AL. It is an excellent mix of form and function. It’s fast, simple, and comfortable in hand.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done with an OLFA?

I cut out a wart once.

Do you or your family have a “motto”?


Who is your hero?

Anyone who has pulled themselves up by the bootstraps.


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