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Innovation Spotlight: OLFA Snap-Off Blade Utility Knives

Innovation Spotlight: OLFA Snap-Off Blade Utility Knives

An old English proverb praising the virtues of proper prior planning still rings true today: measure twice, cut once. But savvy tradesmen and skilled DIYers know that to make a single cut really count—do it quickly, accurately and confidently—reach for an OLFA snap-off blade utility knife, a tool that always measures up to the job at hand.

Whether you’re doing finesse work, like hanging wallpaper, or tougher jobs, such as installing linoleum flooring, a sharp, precise, contractor-grade utility knife instills the confidence you need to get the job done right. And for more than 55 years, in-the-know homeowners and professional contractors have been counting on premium, certified-tough OLFA knives to work both smarter and faster.


The “secret sauce” that puts OLFA knives a cut above the competition is innovation. That may seem like an awfully strong word for a tool as simple as a utility knife, but OLFA’s product line centers on a truly revolutionary feature: a snap-off blade that provides you a fresh, sharp blade in seconds—no tools required.

In other words, OLFA researchers developed a thoughtful and simple solution to an irksome and productivity-killing process. Say good-bye to fumbling for a screwdriver to disassemble a knife; instead, one snap and you’re hard at it again. And when you eventually do need to put a new, segmented blade in the knife, no tools are required.


OLFA offers a comprehensive line of snap-off blade knives that offer a wide range of styles, materials and ergonomics suitable for any number of applications:

  • Standard-duty 9mm knives, great for lighter cutting jobs such as wallpapering, caulking and cutting foamboard.
  • Heavy-duty 18mm knives, ideal for everything from drywalling to roofing to flooring; they feature heavy-gauge, stainless-steel blade channels that secure blades and offer superior cutting performance.
  • Extra-heavy-duty 25mm knives with seven-segment blades, designed to efficiently cut through industrial materials like gaskets, fiberglass, laminates, leather and rope.


Other features that keep OLFA on the forefront of innovation in the world of utility knives:

  • Ergonomic designs that boost efficiency and comfort and minimize fatigue.
  • Quality handle materials that offer durability and comfort
  • Carbon-steel, super-sharp, double-honed blades that offer consistent, accurate cuts time and time again.
  • Retractable blades with either slide or ratchet locking mechanisms that easily shield the blade when not in use.
  • Well-engineered knives that offer a premium product for professionals and DIYers who want pro results—and reflect decades of focusing on nothing but crafting precision cutting tools.

Inaccurate cuts waste time and materials. So why risk hacking away at that one cut, taking twice as long to do it or, worse yet, making an inaccurate cut that requires a do-over? With OLFA utility knives, you can quickly, precisely and smoothly slice through materials like a buzz saw through balsa wood. After all, time is money, and using the wrong tool for the job takes the fun out of projects every time.