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Clean and Detectable: SK-14 Metal Safety Knife

Clean and Detectable: SK-14 Metal Safety Knife


As manufacturing plants and distribution centers head back to work amid the pandemic, safety and sanitation is an even greater priority for safety managers. The OLFA SK-14 Stainless Steel Self-Retracting Safety Knife helps any facility meet safety goals.

The SK-14 is the only safety knife on the market to be both metal detectable and NSF® Certified. This self-retracting knife was developed in collaboration with over 250 food processing companies working to incorporate the Food Modernization Act guidelines.

Early metal-detectable safety knives were created using metal additives to a plastic-based handle. However, these knives often failed metal detection. To solve this problem, the OLFA SK-14 Safety Knife is made entirely of metal. The fully stainless-steel body ensures detection and complies with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) programs. This safeguards that contaminated food does not leave a facility.

Another result of partnering with industry professionals is the addition of the rounded-tip safety blade. With a standard pointed tip, most metal detectors cannot detect pieces from a small blade tip break. The rounded tip blade reduces the chance of breakage to help prevent contamination. The handle also accepts OLFA Standard Dual-Tip Safety Blades for use where potential tip breakage is not a concern.

Sanitation During COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, cleaning and sanitation are among the top priority in all types of manufacturing and distribution facilities. The SK-14 Self-Retracting Safety Knife is easy to clean to meet these goals. Flush vents and an open channel design make the SK-14 simple to sanitize. The stainless-steel body allows for easy washdown without the worry of rusting the blade or handle.

The spring-loaded, self-retracting handle helps keep workers safe from lacerations from exposed blades. When a user engages the thumb slide and moves the blade across the material being cut, the force of the cut keeps the blade extended. The user can then remove their thumb from the slide. Once the blade loses contact with the cutting surface, the blade automatically retracts. The wide blade slide allows for use with gloves as well. Additionally, the notched body and slip-resistant handle is comfortable for both right- and left-handed users.

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