October Spotlight Minki Kim

October Spotlight Minki Kim

The October Designer Spotlight is Minki Kim. She is an artist, self-taught sewist and a mom among other things. Her website minkikim.com is her outlet for all her creativity and filled with beautiful photography of life and projects.


In her own words:

I am a formally trained artist and self-taught sewist. I discovered sewing as a creative outlet when my children were small and I wanted to capture the beauty of ordinary moments, recreating them with my sewing machine.


What is your favorite OLFA tool & why?

OLFA® Splash 45mm Rotary Cutter, Aqua with 45mm Endurance Rotary Blade, they are the best!


What size ruler could you not live without?

OLFA® 6″ X 24″ Frosted Acrylic Ruler.


What is the unsung hero of your sewing box?

OLFA® 5″ Precision Smooth Edge Scissors.


Which comes first; the pattern or the fabric?

Always the fabric inspires the projects for me.


Are you as clever in the kitchen as you are in your sewing space?

I cook fast to save time for sewing.


What important piece of advice would you offer to someone on the brink of quilting?

I found that the accurate cut is the key for perfectly matching seams.


What is the dominant color in your stash?



How many WIP’s do you have lying around right now?



What is something most people would be surprised to know about you?

My major at University was Sculpting.


Who taught you to sew or quilt?

I am self-taught.


If you could choose on for free, which would be: a new sewing machine or a long-arm?

A new sewing machine.


From where (or whom) do you draw inspiration.

Mostly my kids and every day scene.



by Minki Kim


Instagram @zeriano


Potholders are one of my favorite projects because they saved me many times when thankful mo-ments came – the teacher appreciation week, the last day of school, my friends’ birthday and Christmas. They make the best handmade gifts that are loved and frequently used.


Project type: Craft sewing

Skill level:Intermediate

Estimated time to complete: within a day


Required tools:

OLFA® 17″ Rotating Rotary Mat

OLFA® 45mm Deluxe Handle Rotary Cutter

OLFA® 6″X12″ Square Frosted Acrylic Ruler


Finished size: 8’’ x 10’’

Materials and Cutting:

Fabric used is Dear Diary by Minki Kim from Riley Blake Designs

Aurifil Dear Diary Collection (available in December at retail)

potholder-pattern.pdf (download here)

8 1/2’’ x 7’’ pocket fabric

9 1/2’’ x 8’’ pocket lining

2 1/2’’ x 16’’ ruffle fabric

2’’ x 9’’ pocket binding

8 1/2’’ x 10 1/2’’ potholder fabric

10’’ x 12’’ backing fabric

1/3 yard Insulbright

3” x 3’’ linen

3’’ x 3’’ fusible interfacing

2 1/4’’ x 42’’ binding fabric

Red fabric scrap

Fusible web scrap

1/2’’ x 4’’ cotton ribbon

Buttons (optional)




1. After pre-cutting all of your fabric layer the pocket fabric, 2 layers Insulbright, backing fabric together wrong sides together. Quilt as desired. Trim into 8’’ x 6 1/2’’.


2. Fold 2 1/2 x 18’’ of ruffle fabric strip in half lengthwise and press. Set your sewing machine tension to 0 and stitch length to 3.0 and sew 1/4’’ from the raw edges. Carefully pull one thread until you have about 8’’ long ruffle. Align with the pocket and pin in place.


3. Fold the pocket binding strip in half lengthwise, wrong sides together and press. Pin with binding and sew them together. Fold in the seam and blind stitch to finish pocket binding.


4. Trace the kettle design on the paper side of fusible web. Peel off the backing paper and stick on the wrong side of red print scrap. Following the manufacturer’s instruction, fuse the applique piece on 3”square linen. Stitch the design using dark color thread.


5. Make a kettle applique patch and attach on the pocket unit by sewing 1/8” inside all the way.




6. Layer potholders, 3 layers of Insulbright, backing wrong side facing and quilt as desired. I simply straight stitched vertically 1/2’’ apart. Trim into 8 x 10’’.


7. Layer the pocket unit from step 3 on top of potholder step 6. and pin in place. Using the pot-holder pattern, trace the round corner and sew all the way around using 1/8’’ seam. Trim the ex-cess.


8. Attach 1/2’’x 4 1/2’’ cotton ribbon on the upper corner diagonally and pin in place. Bind it to finish.




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