November Designer Spotlight Carla Peicheff

November Designer Spotlight Carla Peicheff

The November Designer Spotlight is Carla Peicheff. She caught our eye with her amazing bags and other creations. Check her out on IG @cpeicheff or her BLOG

where you can catch up on happens and her “5 Things Friday”.


In her own words:

Hi! I’m Carla, a sewing enthusiast & pattern designer. I live with my husband, 3 out of 4 of my children & my beautiful calico cat on beautiful Cape Breton Island. I enjoy epp (english paper piecing), creating unique patchwork items, photography, good books, and even better coffee.


What is your favorite OLFA tool & why?

Just one? Eek! I’m going to go with my 45mm ergonomic rotary cutter. I’ve had it for 5 years and it shows no signs of slowing down!


What size ruler could you not live without?

My 6×12″ OLFA ruler is my “go to”, without fail I use it each & every single time I sew. It gets a daily workout!


Which comes first: the pattern or the fabric?

The pattern. I may be “odd man out here”, but *very rarely* do I purchase fabric with a pattern or design in mind. It’s always the pattern that calls for certain fabric… at least for me!


Are you as clever in the kitchen as you are in your sewing space?

Ahahahahaha!! I’ll say no. *wink* But I do make a mean cup of coffee…


How many WIP’s do you have lying around right now?

Honestly not too many… I’m going to say maybe 3? I’m very “Type A” so generally don’t start things without finishing them. Even the WIP’s I have, I’m now thinking that I should finish them ASAP to get them crossed off my list once & for all!


Who taught you to sew or quilt?

I am a self-taught sewist. My mother always tried to teach me, but I brushed her off as I was “never going to sew”, so what was the point of bothering? I think this is where “he who laughs last, laughs best!” Comes in. *wink*



Project Description: As a teacher you can only use (and store!) so many “Greatest Teacher” mugs I’m sure, whereas an adorable & useful zipper pouch with a pocket (who doesn’t love pockets!?) is sure to be a welcome gift! This pouch holds odds & ends inside & out!


Project type: Gift items

Skill Level: Confident Beginner

Estimated time to complete: 90 minutes


Required tools:

OLFA® 6″X12″ Square Frosted Acrylic Ruler

OLFA® Splash 45mm Rotary Cutter, Aqua

OLFA® 24″ X 36″ Double-Sided Rotary Mat

*Smaller will work, but I like my cutting mats large and able to hold which project I’m working on, from small to large!



4 assorted fat quarters *I used Heather Ross’ new “Kinder” line by Windham Fabrics

FQ heavy weight fusible interfacing

FQ medium weight fusible fleece

7″ zipper

Frixion erasable pen

Basic sewing supplies


Cutting Instructions:

Outer main panels (2) 8×8″ *Purple alphabet fabric

Inner main panels (2) 8×8″ *Pink & orange paper people

Outer main pocket (1) 6×8″ (height x width) *Little girl hanging up jacket

Inner main pocket (1) 7×8″ (height x width) *Yellow paper people




Heavyweight fusible interfacing (2) 8×8”

Fusible fleece (1) 8×12”


Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Adhere heavy weight interfacing to both main outer panels. *See manufacturers instructions on interfacing.


2. Lay your interior pocket panels & right side up on your desk. Now lay your outer pocket panel right side down as shown on your interior pocket panel.


3. Pin and sew together as shown.

4. Press seams open.


5. Adhere fusible fleece to this piece and fold down interior piece with ½” of interior panel showing at the top of the pocket. Top stitch across the top as shown.

6. Trim to 5 ½” x 8”.


7. Stitch down each side at 1/8th to secure front & back panel together.




8. Lay your pocket panel right side down on your main front panel 2” from the bottom as shown. The *bottom* of your pouch panel will be pointing upwards. You will be sewing against the bottom raw edge but it will be hidden in the final project.

Nov17_Piecheff_img8.jpg Nov17_Piecheff_img9.jpg

9. After you have stitched the pocket panel on your main outer piece, press, and stitch down the sides as shown.



1. Take your zipper and lay it right side down on top of the front pocket panel you just completed. Lay your interior panel right side down and pin together as shown.


2. Once you have sewn your zipper open the panels and press as shown.


3. Flip this piece over and lay onto your other exterior piece. Lay your interior piece on top, right side down & pin again.


4. Open your pouch so you have an exterior and interior piece on each side, press. Your pouch should now look like this:


5. Top stitch near the zipper on each side. OPEN YOUR ZIPPER. Trust me on this one. *wink*




6. Take your exterior panels right sides together on one side, and your interior panels, right side together, on the other side. Pin all the way around the pouch on both sides.


7. You will need to leave a 3” opening in which to turn your pouch right side out after this step. I have marked the opening on my pouch with ‘s’ for start and ‘f’ for finish. Be sure to backstitch when you start & finish sewing around the pouch.

Nov17_Piecheff_img16.jpg Nov17_Piecheff_img17.jpg Nov17_Piecheff_img18.jpg

Boxing your corners:

1. Take the corner of your acrylic ruler and from the stitching line draw a 1” square on each corner, front and back.

Nov17_Piecheff_img19.jpg Nov17_Piecheff_img20.jpg

2. Now squeeze those corners together at the seams as shown and pin. Do this to all 4 corners. Stitch and snip off the corners ¼” from the stitch line.

Nov17_Piecheff_img21.jpg Nov17_Piecheff_img22.jpg

After all four corners have been sewn & cut it’s time to reach into that 3” opening you left in the lining and turn your pouch right side out. Now press that seam closed and stitch as shown.

Nov17_Piecheff_img23.jpg Nov17_Piecheff_img24.jpg

Give your pouch a good pressing and Voila!!! You now have a fabulous, one of a kind pouch to gift to your favourite teacher!

Nov17_Piecheff_img25.jpg Nov17_Piecheff_img26.jpg Nov17_Piecheff_img27.jpg Nov17_Piecheff_img28.jpg

I hope you’ve enjoyed creating this “Teacher’s Pocket Pouch” with me! Happy Sewing!

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