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Project: Wine Cozy Coaster

Does this sound familiar? You have guests over, and everyone has a wine glass. Keeping track of whose glass is whose, and getting people to remember to use a coaster is a problem. The wine cozy is an attractive and fun way to solve both problems.


  • Materials listed below are for one cozy.
  • Consider creating a variety of cozys in different colors or patterns so guests can identify their glass easily.





Rotary Circle Cutter (CMP-3)
12″ x 18″ Self-Healing Mat (RM-CG)


1 fat quarter of cotton fabric
4″ square of thin cotton batting
Basic sewing supplies


  1. Using the Rotary Circle Cutter, cut (4) circles with a 4″ diameter from cotton fabric.\
  2. From cotton batting, cut (1) circle with 3-1/2″ diameter.
  3. Sandwich the batting circle between two of the fabric circles with right sides facing out on fabric circles. Resulting “fabric sandwich” will have bottom fabric right side down, then batting, then top fabric right side up.
  4. Take remaining two circles and fold in half, ironing the fold sharply.
  5. Lay folded circles on top of the sandwich, with folded edges touching so the two half cirlces make a whole circle on top of the fabric sandwich. This area with the fold is where the foot of the wine glass will insert.
  6. Pin all layers together, making sure to catch each of the folded pieces separately.
  7. Stitch around the sandwich, catching all layers of the fabric with a 1/4″ seam. (bottom piece, batting, top piece and each of the folded pieces)
  8. Clip the selvage, allowing you to more easily turn the circle out.
  9. Using the opening at the center of the circle where the folds meet, turn right side out.
  10. Iron cozy flat.
  11. To use, insert the base of a wine goblet between the folds.


Switch up the fabric for the different holidays!

Project design by Sheila Reinke.
For personal, non-commercial use only.