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Retailer: Teaching Moments

By OLFA Creates

As shop owners, you’re constantly searching for new ideas for demos or classes. OLFA’s Chenille Textile Cutter is an intriguing product that often gets overlooked. Making chenille using the cutters isn’t intuitive but once you show customers the steps and how easy it is to use, it’s a quick sell.

Some featured of the Chenille Textile Cutter is that it has a ratchet dial that turns to expose a fresh blade edge; 24 edges per blade. It will cut up to 8 layers of fabric. If you’re not familiar with how it works, or need a refresher, watch our video.

The cutter has four “feet” serving as channel guides that create chenille in several styles of widths, from narrow to wide, for a variety of creations. Its premium-quality blade provides superior sharpness and durability. The cutter’s ultra-sharp, double-honed circular blade does not rotate and is housed in a protective dial with no exposed edges for your safety. Advance the blade with a simple click.

Host a class s project so your students can really get into using the Chenille Textile Cutter. You’ll be able to troubleshoot problems while they are in your classroom, making it a successful event. Here are a few projects you can use from the OLFA website. TIP: Use our descriptions for your newsletter!

Create a wonderfully soft and cozy blanket for the little one in your family. What baby wouldn’t want to snuggle up in this homemade chenille blanket? Chenille flannel creates a softness that is only matched by the tender skin of the little one cuddled up in it!

This easy chenille pillow cuff accent uses a standard pillowcase pattern so quilters can try the technique and learn just how easy it is.

There’s nothing like a warm chenille scarf around your neck to take the chill out of the air. Stitch up your own unique chenille scarf in no time. Keep for yourself, or whip up a couple to give as presents during the cooler months! Leave ends free, or sew together to create a custom infinity scarf.


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