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Project: Summer Beach Bag

This multi-purpose bag is a stylish way to carry all your summer essentials. Big enough for your beach gear, or use it as a stylish laundry bag. It’s reversible too, giving you two bags in one.


  • Bag in picture used extended measurements for increased depth.
  • For a video tutorial on boxing corners, visit this link. [INSERT LINK: ]
  • Consider using nylon straps for the handles for extra strength, support, or just a different look.




24″ X 36″ Self-Healing Rotary Mat (RM-MG)
45mm Deluxe Rotary Cutter (RTY-2/DX)
6″ x 24″ Frosted Acrylic Ruler (QR-6×24)


3/4 yd. each of 2 coordinating fabrics for bag & lining
1/4 yd. contrasting fabric for top band
1/4 yd. solid fabric for middle band
1/2 yd. contrasting fabric for straps
1/2 yd. fusible interfacing


  1. For outside of the tote, cut 2 pieces 25″ x 20″. Cut 2 pieces the same size for the lining.
  2. Cut 2 strips 4-1/2″ x 20″ of the contrasting fabric for the top band. Cut 2 strips 2″ x 20″ for the solid band.
  3. Stitch solid band to each end of the main body fabric. Stitch contrasting band to solid strip. Press. This is the outside of the tote. Fuse interfacing to wrong side of the fabric.
  4. For the front pocket, cut 1 piece 20′ x 20″. Fold 1″ down from top. Press and topstitch in place. Place pocket on bag front, right side up, aligning raw edges. Baste in place. Stitch horizontally across the bottom of the bag for the bottom of the pocket.
  5. For straps, cut 4 strips 4-1/2″ x width of fabric. Stitch 4 strips together to make one continuous strip. Fuse interfacing to wrong side. Fold and press 1/2″ in on long side. Fold strip in half and press. You may use a fusible web to keep the strap folded in place if you wish. Topstitch strap 1/4″ from both outside edges.
  6. For pocket segments and strap placement, fold the side section of the bag in thirds, and mark creases with chalk. Center strap over chalk mark and pin in place, creating a continuous loop over the right side of the bag. Overextend the strap approximately 24″ off the top and bottom of the bag for handles. You may make handles shorter or longer to your taste. Pin and topstitch in place.
  7. Stitch bag front to back, right sides together, using a 3/8″ seam allowance.
  8. To box the lower corners, fold and crease the bottom between the side seams. With the bag wrong side out, arrange each lower corner to form a point. Stitch across the point, approximately 1-1/2″ above the point, perpendicular to the seam.
  9. Stitch lining front to lining back and box corners as in the step above.
  10. To add a small inner pocket to the lining, cut a piece 7″ x 5″. Turn 1/2″ down from top edge and topstitch in place. Press 3/8″ around other 3 sides of pocket. Pin and topstitch in place on inside of lining approximately 4″ below handle.
  11. Place the lining, wrong side out, into the finished bag. Align top edges and handles and pin in place. Topstitch lining to finished bag.