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Project: Shark Pencil Case


Organize those loose school supplies your kids need every day with this friendly shark pencil case. It’s made from standard silver duct tape and can easily be created in minutes. In fact, kids love to draw their own shark pattern, and then you can help by cutting the duct-tape fabric with an OLFA rotary cutter.


Durable duct tape is tremendously sturdy and the sheen of the fabric side looks as slick as a real shark’s skin! OLFA Rotary Cutters are the absolute essential tools to work with duct tape. The long-lasting quality of the material will ensure this shark pencil case will stand the test of a school year.


  • Before you start this project, choose your shark’s color. We stuck with standard silver duct tape for this shark, but any color works: purple, black, white, pink or green. Just some suggestions, but let your kids choose.
  • Watch our “How to Make a Shark Pencil Case” video (above) once or twice. We’ll show you the steps and techniques to quickly complete this craft.




28mm Rotary Cutter (RTY-1/G)
45mm Rotary Cutter (RTY-2C/PR)
12″x18″ Rotary Mat (RM-CG)


Duct Tape (silver, black and white, or your choice)
Adhesive hook & loop fastener
Permanent marker


  1. Make two 8” x 14” duct tape “fabric sheets” by layering strips of duct tape, adhesive side to adhesive side, in opposite directions. On each side, overlap the long edges of the tape strips, creating one large fabric sheet. Trim the fabric sheet edges with an OLFA 45mm Rotary Cutter to make them straight and clean.
  2. Using a permanent marker, draw the outline of a shark on the fabric sheet. Use the shape we have shown in the photo as your guide, or have your kids create their own shark shape. Make a simple outline, including a nose, top fin, tail and bottom fin. Using a rotary cutter, follow the lines of your permanent marker outline and cut out the shape of the shark. Trace the shark shape onto a second fabric sheet and cut with your rotary cutter to make an exact copy.


  3. Lay the two shark outlines on top of one another, creating the front and back of the pencil case. Form a seam at the base of the two shapes with thin strips of overlapping duct tape. Add an additional layer to make the bottom seam strong.


  4. Add the details:
    – For the eye, cut out a silver half circle from a duct-tape fabric sheet, then a slightly smaller half circle from white tape (keeping the adhesive side exposed so you can stick it to the silver tape), and an even smaller black half circle (adhesive exposed) to form the pupil. Tape the completed eye to the top of the shark shape.

    – Create a mouth by using your rotary cutter to cut out a slightly curved triangle of black duct tape, again keeping the adhesive side exposed. Tape it onto the face of the shark for the mouth.
    – Place a piece of white tape onto your cutting mat and cut tiny triangles for teeth using your rotary cutter. Press the teeth into place in the mouth of the shark.


  5. Add a long strip of adhesive hook & loop fastener at the inside top of each side of the bag for the closure.


You are all set and your little one can now tote his or her pencils to and from school in swimmingly cool shark style!


  • When creating details like the mouth, eyes and teeth, allow the adhesive part to stick onto your OLFA cutting mat. This makes it easy to peel off the tape shapes and stick them directly onto your craft.
  • Double up and layer additional duct tape at the seams for additional strength and durability.
  • Use these instructions as a guide but let creativity take over. Give your shark personality with fewer, bigger, sharper shark teeth or funny eyes using rectangular slits instead of half circles for the centers. How about a pink mouth? The possibilities are limitless.
  • If your project shows wear throughout the school year, reinforce the seams with additional duct tape. Good as new!