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September Slice & Stitch Challenge

Welcome to the fifth of six (6) Slice & Stitch Challenges that we’ve teamed up with Aurifil to bring you! One OLFA Ambassador and one Aurifil Artisan will receive the same products and create a project or tips / tutorial for you! This month Cassandra Beaver and Amanda Brown of Fabric Heart were both given the Chenille/Textile Cutter (CHN-1)and Aurifil’s Cotton 40 weight.

For a quick video on the OLFA Chenille Cutter visit our youtube channel here.


Hello everyone! I’m Amanda from Fabric Heart (, and I love making intricate modern quilts with bright, bold colours. Today, I’m so excited to share with you my contribution for the Slice and Stitch challenge, a Flower and Stripes art quilt I made featuring two great products quilters have been using for years!

OLFA’s Chenille Cutter has made making a Chenille quilt a breeze! Its unique design makes cutting a channel take a fraction of the time with much more accuracy than using scissors. Aurifil’s 40 wt thread is a favourite with makers, offering durability and more defined stitching in 270 colours! Nothing gets me more excited than being able to find exactly the right colour for a project!

When accepting this challenge I was really excited to use OLFA’s Chenille Cutter. Chenille quilts bring back fond memories of visiting my Grandparent’s house for sleepovers with my cousin. I wanted to try to use the Chenille Cutter in a more modern way than my Grandma’s quilts.

When I think of Chenille quilts, I typically think of fuzzy strips close together. I wanted to give the eye a place to rest and to create the look of fairly defined stripes. To accomplish this I decided to use the LL 1/2” Channel Guide and spacing each channel 1” apart. I also wanted the stripes to create some movement which I accomplished by strategically layering my fabrics and exposing each layer to allow the lighter fabrics to show in the middle and the darker fabrics closer to the edge. I definitely want to play with this technique again, allowing unexpected pops of colour to come through.

As a quilter with the love intricate piecing, I tend to use very thin threads to help keep my seams nice and flat and not too bulky. Getting to play with Aurifil’s slightly thicker 40wt thread was a real treat. I had a lot of fun using this 40 wt thread to add details and accents to my flower petals and leaves. It reminded me a lot of adding the details to my sketches. This thread was a dream to work with. The subtle shine on the thread really made the details I added to the leaves and petals pop. Also, this project also took a good amount of hand sewing and Aurifil’s 40 wt make hand sewing a breeze.

For more pictures and tips and tricks on using OLFA’s Chenille cutter and Aurifil’s 40wt thread head on over to my blog (


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