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Project: Wool Pencil Case

By Lee Chappell Monroe


Store your artist’s pencils, scissors, or small rotary tools in the zippered case made from wool.



Two 4×11” pieces of thick wool/wool felt

One 9” zipper

40 wt thread

Print one copy of Pencil Case Template here



OLFA Supplies:

OLFA 12″ Rotating Rotary Mat (RM-12S)

OLFA 6″x12″ Square Frosted Acrylic Ruler (QR-6X12)

OLFA 5″ Precision Smooth Edge Scissors (SCS-4)

Rotary cutter with straight blade and decorative blade




  1. Place two pieces of wool together with the template on top. You will cut through all pieces at once so that the pieces are identical.



  1. Align the ruler along the straight cut and cut. It’s best to use an older blade since paper can dull your blade.



Use your rotating mat to make it easier to cut all three straight sides without moving your wool or pattern.



  1. Cut along the arch with a decorative blade.



Cut slowly and carefully. It’s important that you cut in one smooth cut so as not to disturb the decorative design. If you veer, just veer back onto the line; bags are forgiving because they are 3D.



  1. Topstitch the arch of one side to the zipper.



Repeat with the other wool piece.



  1. Place the two wool pieces right sides together. (You’ll have the zipper webbing facing out.) Stitch along the two short sides of the bag with a ¼” seam.



Stitch along the bottom edge as well.



  1. Measure a ½” square from the seams in the corner.



Mark and cut the corner. Repeat for the second corner.



Align the two seams to square the corner. Stitch with a ¼” seam leaving a long tail. Knot the tails after stitching.



  1. Turn the bag right side out.