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Project: Upcycled Leather Nesting Catchalls

By Randa Roberts


Upcycled Leather Nesting Catchalls


This little project is great for several reasons; it’s fun, quick, easy, useful and uses upcycled leather. The leather is a piece salvaged from a leather couch that was on its way to the landfill. Upholstery leather is ideal for these little containers, however you can usually find bags of leather scraps and offcuts at your local craft store.

You can successful sew leather on most home sewing machines using specialty sharp leather needles. I’ve used a basic Janome for this project.


This project is perfect for the OLFA Quilting/Sewing Kit!



Large piece of leather approximately 14” X 14”

OLFA Splash 45mm Rotary Cutter Quick Change, Navy (RTY-2C/NBL)

OLFA Splash Navy 24″ x 36″ Double-Sided Rotary Mat (RM-MG/NBL)

OLFA 6″x12″ Square Frosted Acrylic Ruler (QR-6X12) 

OLFA 5″ Precision Smooth Edge Scissors (SCS-4)

Binder clips, or other clip-style holder


Leather sewing needle

Pen or marking tool


Cutting directions:

  • Cut 1 – 7 x 7”
  • Cut 1 – 6 x 6”
  • Cut 1 — 5 x 5”


Lay your leather out on your mat, flatten with your hands, and lay your OLFA 6 x 12 ruler on it. Begin by cutting a strait line on one edge of your leather piece. From there, line it up on your mat so that you can clearly see the lines on the mat. You’ll measure over one inch, then cut a 7” line. Remove the cut piece so you can see the beginning of your square. Line up the cut leather edge on your ruler and cut another 7” line. Finish cutting your square


Repeat these steps to cut a 6” square, and a 5” square. Now you have all of your pieces ready to clip and sew!


To assemble your containers, fold your leather square good side together, into a diagonal. Clip it to stay in place. Using your ruler, measure in one inch, with the line of the ruler on the fold of the leather. This is very important to get the perfect angle when we flip them right side out. Use your pen to draw a line where you’ll sew. You won’t see the pen when you flip them, and it will be much easier to sew. Use as many clips as you need to keep the leather together.


Go to your sewing machine, and make sure you’ve loaded your sharp leather needle. Place your leather under the needle. TIP: Put your needle down in the middle of the line. Once your needle is in, sew down the line, then back stitch the entire line. I recommend sewing and back stitching three times to get a strong stitch that won’t open at the end. If you start and end in the middle of the seam, your edges will be tightly sewn, and you won’t see cut thread ends. Go slow and your machine should have no problem going through the leather.


Once you’ve sewn and back stitched, trim your thread and cut off the excess leather to around 1/8”. Repeat for all four corners.


Once you’ve sewn and trimmed, it’s time to flip it right side out. Repeat these steps for all three of the squares.

You’ll love the slight curvature of the sides of the catchalls, perfect for keeping change, jewelry, office supplies, or my personal favourite: sewing supplies!


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