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Project: Simply Stripe Placements

By Lish Dorset


Setting a pretty table makes a meal enjoyable and cleanup easy, especially when you use placemats! Using just a few fabrics, Simply Stripe Placemats by Lish Dorset, our OLFA May Creator, you can change your décor to match your mood. Lish’s straight-line quilting method will let them hold up through many washes if they get messy. Make some for every season!

Much to my mother’s chagrin, when I set my table for a dinner party, I rarely set each place as Emily Post would prefer; my guests can often find mismatched glasses, vintage serving dishes, and silverware located on top of the plate going down my grandmother’s vintage table. But despite my ongoing urge to not follow these traditional dinner time rules, one thing is always true – you’ll find a colorful placemat at each place. If you’re like me and love the feeling of how the table looks instead of how it’s laid out, create a set of slightly oversized placemats that will accommodate your creative dinner party eye, no matter the occasion.


For my placemats, I often like to place my silverware next to my dinner plate, in no particular setting order. When I saw Shell Rummel’s Rhythm collection, I immediately pictured a set of simply pieced placemats, featuring three skinnier sections to lay my silverware upon. These watercolor-inspired designs are extra soft, making them perfect for protecting your tabletop and setting a beautiful environment.


The main piece (A) of the placemat is meant to house your plate. Stripes B and D are skinnier pieces, meant for a knife and fork. Stripe C is just a big wider than the other stripes, creating just enough room to display your spoon.



  • Four (4) different quilting cottons
    • Main Section A: 13” tall by 14” wide
    • Stripes B, D: 2” wide by 14” tall
    • Stripe C (cut from the same design as Piece A): 2.5” wide by 14” tall
    • Backing and batting: 19” tall by 15” wide
    • Solid or scrap material for binding
  • OLFA rotary cutting supplies:
  • Sewing machine and coordinating threads
  • Quilting foot
  • Iron
  • Hera marker


To begin, press and cut your fabrics (see the cutting guide above).


Next, piece the top of the placemat together using ¼’ seams. Place Stripe B on top of Main Section A, right sides together. Sew down the long side with your ¼” seam. Press, and continue adding the remaining stripe pieces. Once completely pieces, press.


Once pressed, layer your finished placemat top, right side up, on top of your batting, and then on top of placemat backing, right side down.


To create your quilting lines, find the center of placemat and mark a line with your ruler and Hera Marker. Continue creating your quilting lines on either side of the center mark 1” apart.


Quilt along your marked lines.


With your quilting complete, trim the placemat to 18” wide by 14” tall.


Finish the placemat by adding your binding, using the method you like best.


Try mixing solid-piece tops with your simple stripe tops when creating your set of placemats!