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Project: Rainbow Love Pennant Featuring the ESK-1

 The Rainbow Love Pennant is a quick and easy project and a great way to get your kids involved in sewing. The ESK-1 Beginner Craft Knife is made for all ages and is a great way for kids to learn how to use craft knives and more advanced cutting techniques. This pennant features raw edge appliqué using the ESK-1 Beginner Craft Knife to cut out the appliqué pieces. My 9-year-old daughter helped me design and make the pennant. She was responsible for cutting out all the pieces using the knife.   


Fabric Requirements:

      • 9”x11” piece each in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, and White
      • 16”x 20” piece each for background, backing, and batting
      • 70” of 2.25” bias binding

Other Materials:

Part 1: Cutting out pieces

Print pattern out either on freezer paper cut to fit your printer (refer to manufacture’s instruction for using alternative types of paper) or print out on normal printer paper and trace onto the non-shiny side of freezer paper. Then cut out each shape leaving roughly a 0.5” space around each piece.

Get the pattern: Rainbow Love Pennant Pattern Pieces


 Iron each freezer paper shape on to the corresponding fabric color. The clouds go with the white fabric and the letters are in pink or a color of your choosing. Then iron another piece of freezer paper onto the back of the fabric making sure it covers the area that will be cut out. You are sandwiching your fabric between two pieces of freezer paper. 

Using the Beginner Craft Knife On an OLFA Rotary Mat, cut each shape out. This works best if you work in small sections rotating the fabric so you are always cutting towards you. Once cut out, peel freezer paper off both sides  

Cut the background fabric into a rectangle 14.5” x 18”.

To create the bottom point you will cut off two triangles off the bottom. Mark the halfway point along the bottom edge with your favorite fabric marker. Along each side measure up from the bottom 4” and mark. Using your Frosted Ruler and rotary cutter, line up the mark on one side with the middle bottom point and cut along this line.

Repeat on the other side. This will create your pennant shape. 

Part 2: Laying out your design

Carefully finger press your background fabric in half vertically to create a crease. Also, finger press each rainbow piece in half. Using the created middle creases, line up your rainbow pieces on your background fabric starting with the Red piece. Please note that each piece, except for the purple, is twice as wide as it needs to be to help make layering each color easier. Pay the most attention to having the upper portion of the rainbow line up nicely. The bottom of the rainbow will be under the clouds. Once your rainbow is placed, add in the clouds and letters.

Once you are satisfied with your placement, start to glue each piece down with your glue stick. You do not need to use a lot of glue, just enough to keep everything from shifting. Once glued, give it a quick press to dry the glue.  


Part 3: Quilting & Binding

Cut a piece of quilting batting and backing a few inches bigger than the front and layer, placing the quilting batting between the front and back. You can choose to secure the layers with a few safety pins or the basting method of your choice. Since this was a small piece I was able to quilt it without basting.

Using a walking foot quilt your pennant with your favorite quilting pattern. A diamond pattern was used here to create some stiffness in the pennant.

Pay close attention when quilting over appliqué pieces to make sure the walking foot doesn’t go under an appliqué piece or fold one over. Once quilted, trim the batting and backing fabric in line with the front piece creating your pennant.

Using scraps cut out 2 – 4” x 4” squares for hanging tabs. Fold each tab in half creating a tube and then flip inside out, press, and top-stitch each long edge. Fold these in half and line the raw edges up to the top on the back of the pennant 2” in from each side, stitch to secure. 

Using your favorite binding method, attach the binding to your pennant. Here we stitched the binding to the front of the pennant first and then machine-stitched the binding to the back and miter each corner.

If you haven’t added binding to non-90-degree corners before, it is the same method. Take your time to make sure the binding lines up along the edge once you turn the corner. Press hanging tabs up and insert dowel to hang. 

And there you have it, a nice pennant to welcome guests and spread some love.  

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