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Project: Quick & Easy Fussy Cut Pincushion

By Carla Peicheff


Anyone who sews can’t have too many pincushions! Beginners will love the simplicity of the Quick and Easy Fussy Cut Pincushion by Carla Peicheff. More advanced sew-ers will find her directions for using the OLFA Circle Cutter spot on for fussy cutting the circles. Add one more pincushion to your collection!

As most other sewists, I can never have enough pincushions on hand! Having a big, hearty pincushion by your side when you’re working on your hand stitching is so very useful!

OLFA’s Circle Rotary Cutter is a fun & easy tool to use, and I’ll show you how to make this fast & easy pincushion in just one hour!


Materials Needed:



OLFA Rotary Circle Cutter Video 


How to “fussy cut” your fabrics: Fabrics which are ideal to ‘fussy cut’ generally have small images that *pop* out at you. A focal point, which draws your eye in instantly, unlike say an all floral print with florals all over, there is probably no one spot which would draw your eye in. Whereas fabrics with little item images, draw your eye in, instantly. I chose Heather Ross fabric scraps and many of her fabrics are ideal for fussy cutting.




  1. Move the pivot spike to the 1” mark on your circle cutter. Tighten the screw to hold your measurement in place. We will be cutting 2” circles.
  2. Place your ironed fabric flat on the cutting mat. Place the spike on the OLFA rotary cutter in the center of your fussy cut image, then cut your 2” circle. Repeat until you have 4 circles.
  3. Now use your circle cutter to cut four 2” circles from lightweight, adhesive interfacing.
  4. Adhere interfacing to the ‘wrong sides’ of the fabric circles.
  5. Cut two 7” squares from your linen. 
  6. Take one square of linen and fold corner to corner and repeat with next corner so you have an “X” on your fabric.
  7. Place the circles 1” from the centre point on each line, pin, and sew just inside circles as shown.
  8. Now place right sides of both line pieces together so both pieces are facing each other with the wrong sides out.
  9. Pin around linen and sew with a ¼” seam allowance , leaving a 3” gap on one side, in which to turn your pin cushion.
  10. Box the corners ½”, stitch and snip off ‘ears’ with your OLFA 5” Precision Smooth Edge Scissors.
  11. Flip pincushion, pop out corners and stuff with poly-fil. You will have a small gap which will need hand stitch closed. 
  12. Using heavy thread or doubled thread, sew the button to the center of the pincushion, stitching through to the bottom and pulling tightly. Make several stitches. Hide the knot under the button when finished.

I created this pincushion to sit beside you, resting nearby, ready and waiting to hold all your pins!