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Project: Decorative Felt Ornaments

By Nicole Daksiewics


One of my favorite holidays to craft for is Christmas – the color combinations are endless and making decorations is so fun! OLFA has several different blade options for its rotary cutters and using a Stainless Steel Pinking blade allows you to add a special flair to these felt ornaments.

OLFA’s Pinking blade is also a great blade to have in your tools for cutting fabric ends that will not ravel and also makes for a fun blade when working with paper crafts. The Rotary Circle cutter is also used on this project, not only does it work to create perfect felt circles, this also works great on quilting projects. This project involves no sewing so it’s the perfect project that kiddos can join in on, just help them with the cutting and the hot glue.

Materials needed:

OLFA Rotary Circle Cutter Video


  1. Begin by moving the pivot spike on the Rotary Circle Cutter over about 1.5” to 1.75” on the ruler handle.  Make sure to tightly secure the screw so that the spike does not move during cutting – this will make the circle shapes differ. Our circles will be around 3.5”, if you would like a different size, adjust the pivot spike.
  2. Place your ornament felt on your Rotary Mat, remove the cover from the spike and center on felt giving yourself room to cut the first circle. Rotating the handle in a “stirring the soup” cutting motion cut your circles out.  
  3. Continue cutting circles out making sure to save two circles for each ornament.
  4. Add the Pinking Rotary Blade to your 45 mm Rotary handle.
  5. Using an acrylic ruler as your guide, cut different size strips from your colorful felt scraps. Cut right along the side of the ruler just as you would a regular blade. For a variety of strips swtich back to your regular blade and cut several straight edge strips in various widths. 
  6. To decorate your ornaments layer colors, and styles of felt strips until you have your favorite combinations.  
  7. Plug in glue gun and add glue – heat up. Once your glue gun is ready, carefully glue layers of decorations to your ornament front.  
  8. Using your Precision Smooth Edge Scissors trim off edges of decorations that overhang the circle shape.
  9. Take the second circle saved for your ornament and lay it flat on your work surface. Add a thin line of hot glue around the perimeter leaving a 1” space without glue at the top. Place your ornament front wrong side down matching up edges. Make sure that opening is at the top of the ornament, this is where we will stuff and add ribbon to hang.
  10. Fill with a small amount of Poly-fill stuffing, cut a piece of ribbon measuring 10” long. Tie a knot and place knot end in the opening of the ornament, secure with a dot of hot glue. Seal opening closed with a thin line of hot glue. Check ornament for any areas that glue did not fuse and fix as needed.
  11. Continue for remaining ornaments until you have a nice collection ready to hang on your tree!



Finished images:




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