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Project: Cookout Apron

By Sandra Johnson



Preparing the fabric:

  1. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise.
  2. Use your OLFA tools to trim off both ends of the fabric, making a clean edge.
  3. Make a 1” vertical mark at the top of the fabric, 6 ½” from the fold.
  4. Make a mark 17” from the top of the fabric.
  5. Make a mark 13” from the fold and directly perpendicular to the last mark.
  6. Make a mark on the fold 20” below the second mark.
  7. Make a mark 20” vertically below the third mark.
  8. Connect the markings to create the apron top.
  9. Cut a 17” by 10” rectangle, for the pocket.
  10. Turn the long end back twice and stitch along the folded edge.
  11. Press the other three sides under ½”. Set aside.


Finishing the apron:

  1. Fold the top and straight sides of the apron under to the wrong side ½”, twice.
  2. Top stitch close to the folded edge.
  3. Stitch the bottom side in the same manner.
  4. Press both diagonal sides ¼” to the wrong side and edge stitch.
  5. Press both diagonal sides again 1 1/8” to the wrong side and top stitch close to the fold. This will form a channel that the cotton webbing will be threaded through.
  6. Attach the pocket by stitching along the three folded sides, leaving the top hemmed edge open. I’ve placed my pocket 21″ down from the top but you’ll want to place it where it fits best for your or the person wearing the apron. 
  7. Cut a piece of webbing 97” long. Press the ends ½” to the wrong side, twice.
  8. Pull one end of the webbing through the bottom left diagonal channel.
  9. Once you are at the top of the apron, pull the webbing out at the top and turn the apron to the right side.
  10. Pull the webbing all the way through to the bottom of the channel. The beauty of this pattern is that webbing isn’t attached and the pattern can fit multiple sizes. 






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