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Project: Christmas Basket

By Minki Kim


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Try this project with the OLFA Slpash 45MM Rotary cutter.

Skill level 2 (confident beginner, with experience of round sewing)



OLFA® 45mm Splash Rotary Cutter

OLFA®12’’ x 18’’ Splash Self-Healing Rotary Mat

OLFA® 6’’ x 12’’ Frosted Advantage Ruler

OLFA® 5’’ Precision smooth edge scissors

6 fabric prints (used Minki Kim’s Winter Tale for Riley Blake)

Foam stabilizer such as Soft and Stable

Fusible webbing such as Light Steam A Seam 2

Leather strip

4 brads or double cap rivets

Seam allowances are 1/4’’ unless otherwise noted.



  1. Cut 2 – 2’’ x 44’’ strips of blue and red print and sew two strips together.
  2. Cut it into 16 – 2’’ x 3 1/2’’ blocks. Arrange opposite color way and join them to make 3 1/2’’ x 24 1/2’’ patchwork.
  3. Cut one (1) 2 1/4’’ x 24 1/2’’, one (1) 4 1/2’’ x 24 1/2’’ cream print.
  4. Sew small cream print to patchwork. Sew big cream print to patchwork. Now it measures 9’’ x 24 1/2’’.
  5. Cut 9’’ x 24 1/2’’ fusible web and fuse on the wrong side of basket exterior.
  6. Peel off paper backing and place on foam stabilizer. Fuse. If your foam stabilizer is wrinkled, press with steam. When pill off the backing paper, peel off little by little and press lightly to the fabric to prevent any wrinkles before fuse with iron.
  7. With the same manner, fuse the lining fabric on the other side of foam stabilizer.
  8. Cut one (1) 9’’ x 9’’ bottom print, one (1)  9’’ x 9’’ foam stabilizer, one (1) 9’’ x 9’’ lining.
  9. With same manner, Fuse bottom print and lining to foam stabilizer using fusible web.
  10. Trace the Basket template on the bottom unit and cut out the bottom circle.
  11. CHEK THE FIT. Join short raw ends to make a tube shape. When sew ends, place 9’’ x 1 1/2’’ lining strip on top RST.
  12. Fold a 1/4’’ of binding over to the seam to cover the raw edge. Topstitch in place. (You can also sew right next sew line just bind the seam instead of topstitch.)
  13. Take the bottom and the basket unit. Place them RST, matching up the seams and pin or clip in place together. Sew the basket exterior and the bottom together.
  14. Cut two (2) 1 1/2’’ x 22’’ binding strips.
  15. Bind the bottom unit and basket top.
  16. Cut two (2) 1/2’’ x 10’’ leather strips.
  17. Attach the leather handles on the basket using brads or double cap rivets.
  18. Press the basket with steam to shape nicely.
  19. Now you are ready to store your Christmas gifts in this darling basket!

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Project design by Minki Kim, IG: @zeriano   website:

Distributed through OLFA Class Project Program

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