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Project: Chenille Cuff Pillowcase

By Sarah Maxwell


Each time I demo the OLFA chenille cutter I hear comments about people wanting to try it but they are worried about committing to a large project. I designed this easy chenille cuff accent for a pillowcase so quilters can try the technique and learn just how easy it is.



Sewing machine

Thread to match your fabric

OLFA Rotary Cutter, any size you like

OLFA Rotary Cutting mat, any size you like

OLFA 6 x 12 square frosted ruler

OLFA Chenille Cutter

¾ yard of focus fabric for body of the pillowcase

4 – 1/3 yard cuts of different coordinating fabrics for chenille cuff—woven flannel plaids work well since they have color on both sides. The chenille effect will be less-pronounced with cotton prints since they are printed on one side and white on the back side.

1/8 yard of coordinating fabric for binding


Gather your essential OLFA items:

Straighten the edges of the focus fabric so the piece is 25” wide. Carefully trim the selvedge from each end of the fabric. You would end up with a piece 25” x 42-43”.

Layer the 4 – 1/3 yard cuts of fabric. The bottom layer will be on the inside of the pillowcase. The top layer will form the center of the chenille rows. Arrange the layers so there is contrast between the fabrics, either in color or value or both.

Use your ruler to draw a 45 degree angle at one end of the layered strips.

If you’re using flannel, the fabrics will “grip” each other and stay aligned while stitching. If you’re using cotton prints, baste the layers together using either safety pins or spray adhesive. If you opt for spray adhesive, use a light hand so it’s easy to cut through the layers when you’re finished stitching.

Using a stitch length of 2.25, start sewing on the drawn line. Sew additional lines of stitching ½” apart across the entire length of the strips.


Using the Olfa chenille cutter, cut through the top three layers of fabric in between each of the stitched rows.

Trim the cut piece to 10” wide.

Place the cut edge of the chenille piece on top of the focus fabric piece, right sides together. (The chenille/cut side is the “right” side.

Sew together along the long edge using a ½” seam allowance. (Note: I often stitch 2 lines of stitching here to reinforce this seam).

Cut binding fabric strip 3” wide by width of fabric. Press in half along the long edge, wrong sides together.

Sew the binding strip to the raw edge of the chenille piece.

Fold the binding over and hand stitch the edge to the back side of the cuff.

Fold the pillowcase, right sides together and stitch with a ¼” seam allowance. Stitch the same path with a generous 1/4 “ seam allowance for added strength. Turn the piece inside out so the “right” side is now on the outside.

Wash the pillowcase to “bloom” the chenille cuff.


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