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Project: Carry It All Pouch

By Carla Peicheff


You can download and print this project here.


Who doesn’t need a great little pouch to carry those much needed notions? Select your favorite fabrics and create a pouch with personality!


Thread: Aurifil

Materials Needed:


1. Choose your 8 exterior fabrics and cut fourteen strips of fabric to measure 2″ x 6.5″. (Cut 2 pieces from 7 different fabrics).

2. Cut the 8th piece of fabric, for your handle, to measure 3″ x 9″.

3. Cut 2 interior panels from your 9th fabric to measure 6″ x 11″.

4. Cut fusible Fleece 6″ x 11″ (2).

5. Cut lightweight fusible interfacing 3″ x 9″.

6. Let’s assemble the pouch! Sew seven strips of the 2″ x 6.5″ fabrics together,sewing along the 6.5″ side by side. Do this twice. Once for front panel, another for back panel.

7. Press seams open on both panels. Adhere to fusible fleece.Trim to 6″ x 11″.

8. Interface your 3″ x 9″ of fabric with your lightweight interfacing. Fold in half, then in half again, lengthwise.Top stitch on each edge. Set aside.

9. Lay one exterior panel right side up on your cutting mat, lay your zipper right side down on top edge. Lay interior fabric right side down on top of exterior panel andzip-per, and pin along the edge.Attach zipper with zipper foot. Open and press.

10. Lay second exterior panel right side up on cutting mat with zipper section right side down. Lay second interior fabric right side down on top and again, pin along the zipper and attach with zipper foot.

11. Open pouch and press so you have one exterior and interior piece of each side of zipper.Top stitch along the zipper.

12. Take your handle piece and measure the front panel of the pouch, on the left hand side 2″ up from bottom corner and 2″ down from zipper top. Pin handle ends on so the handle loop is facing inwards, towards center of pouch. Sew handle onto pouch with 1/8th seam.

13. This step is optional,but gives the pouch a nice“rounded”appearance.Take a small juice glass,or large spool of thread, etc., and trace along the bottom corners and all bottom corners (interior & exterior) and trim each corner so it’s now rounded.

14. OPEN ZIPPER. Grab your 2 exterior panels in one hand and your 2 interior panels in another hand, lay flat and pin around entire pouch being sure that handle is still facing towards cen-ter of the pouch.

15. Starting to sew at 4″ from the corner of the interior fabric, sew all around the pouch, then stop 3″ away from where you started sewing leaving a 3″ gap in which to turn your pouch right side out.

16. Reach inside the 3″ gap and turn your pouch right side out,gently poking out corners and zippers ends. Stitch the 3″ gap closed.

17. Give your “Carry it All” pouch a quick press and it is now complete and ready to carry your favorite OLFA tools from home to sewing class!

Please read all instructions prior to beginning;read and follow all manufacturers’instructions for all tools and materials used.Provide adult supervision if children participate in this and all craft projects.Because OLFA has no control over the use of materials and tools,nor surroundings,during construction of projects,OLFA disclaims any liability for injury,damage or other untoward results.Content of this project sheet is presented in good faith,but no warranty is given,nor results guaranteed.

Project design by Carla Peicheff, IG: @cpeicheff | FB: CarlasCreationsest2013/ #carryitallpouch