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  • Retailer: Teaching Moments

    By OLFA Creates

    As shop owners, you’re constantly searching for new ideas for demos or classes. OLFA’s Chenille Textile Cutter is an intriguing product that often gets overlooked. Making chenille using the cutters isn’t intuitive but once you show customers the steps and how easy it is to use, it’s a quick sell. Some featured of the Chenille…

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  • Retailer: Trade and Trend

    Have you signed up for Spring Quilt Market in Kansas City yet? It’s happening May 17-19, with classes beginning May 15. You can find the information here.  It’s important for business owners to attend some kind of trade show regularly – whether it’s Quilt Market, AFCI’s Creativation show, or even a regional gift show. Being…

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  • Retailers: By Design

    Our 2018 inaugural year of the OLFA Creators Design Team was terrific! Each member created beautiful projects that you’ll be able to find on our blog. A few of the design team will continue on as OLFA Ambassadors in 2019.  Here are the links to these ambassadors and their interviews. Consider using their projects for…

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  • OLFA Tips

    Tips for Organizing

    We turn the calendar to January and what happens? The organization bug hits us! If you’ve been piling one thing on top of another during the holiday frenzy, it can be a daunting task to set things right. Follow these tips and you’ll be back to making things soon! Collect most-used tools and supplies and…

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  • Get in a comical spirit with the comic fabric bag!

    Clear bags are perfect for storing projects but with stadium rules, they are handy for taking your essentials to the next big game. This comic fabric project bag by Lauren Mormino fits the bill. In the video, Lauren shares her tutorial on how to create a super cute comic zipper pouch using our Splash Quilting Set,…

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  • Extend the life of your store’s cutting mat

    Are you frustrated with having to replace your store’s cutting mat too often? Purchase a wooden yard stick – you can find ones with extra length at antique stores — and adhere it to your cutting table with hook and loop tape or double-stick adhesive. Mark commonly used increments such as ¼ or 3/8-yard measurements…

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  • Color Trends at Creativation

    What the next color trends are is something everyone in creative industries want to be on top of. At Creativation, we found many but were intrigued by Design Masters flower displays and their new colors.   Design Masters have developed a line of spray paints that allow you to change the color of anything –…

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  • Introducing our newest cutting tool, the Beginner Craft Knife (ESK-1)

    Consumers have been asking for a beginner-focused cutting tool that’s all about safety. Designed for use by ages 8 and up, this high-quality knife has a comfortable, easy-to-use handle. The blade is encased within plastic to minimize surface exposure for safer and more confident cutting. It uses OLFA snap technology, invented in 1956 for our…

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