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Late 2017 we began collecting images of Makers Hands. We want to celebrate the hands that create such beautiful things. Your hands don’t have to be perfectly polished or in hand model shape. We encourage everyone to cherish their hands for what they allow us to do and create.

During two different trade-shows makers were invited to select their favorite OLFA rotary cutter and have their photo taken with it. During this process we heard so many wonderful stories about who taught them to quilt / sew, why they create, what creating means to them, how long they’ve been using OLFA and so much more!

We have a stash of stories to share with you in the coming year but we also want to hear from you! Over social media please share your story with us using the tag #myOLFAstory.

We have a few video stories to share with you as well. We are going to kick off #myOLFAstory with Pat Sloan.



We are looking forward to hearing all of your stories!


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