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March 2020 Slice & Stitch

Welcome to the second Slice & Stitch Challenge of the year! We’ve teamed up with Aurifil again to bring you 6 more challenges for 2020! One OLFA Ambassador and one Aurifil Artisan will receive the same products and create a project or tips / tutorial for you! Additionally Michael Miller Fabrics is supplying solids from their Cotton Couture line.

This month Pat Sloan and Laura Piland were both given:


What an exciting day it was when I got the invite to do one of the OLFA/Aurifil Slice and stitch Challenges!  I’m Author and Quilt/Fabric Designer Pat Sloan.

My projects are always fun and easy to do, and I toss in a bit of my simple applique every so often.  I’ve been using OLFA products since I started to quilt. I believed my beginning quilt teacher when she said to buy the best, so I did!

I’ve also been working with Aurifil since the started to produce thread for the quilting market. You may follow my Designer of the Month series I do for them.

I decided to try the OLFA chenille cutter for my challenge because I’ve not done chenille in a very long time. After this I’m TOTALLY hooked!!

Keeping with my theme to design a fun and easy project with a  bit of applique, I did some designing.

On the paper side of an extra piece of freezer paper I had on the table.. because that was the first thing I could find to write on!

This cutter is genius!

From the multiple widths to being able to rotate the blade to give a new cutting surface, it made it SO easy to chenille!  I’m ready to chenille everything!

I really enjoyed being invited to this challenge, I can’t wait to see  your pillows!


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Be sure to head over to the Aurifil site to check out Laura Piland’s project here.