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Maker Series – Tomasz Biernat

Welcome to the first in our Summer Maker Series. The intention of this series is to introduce you to makers from all different industries, and crafts, that use OLFA tools.

The first in our series is Tomasz Biernat from Warsaw, Poland. We came across his work on Instagram and were awed. Born in Warsaw, Tomasz Biernat is part of the new generation of Polish Graphic Designers. Trough years of self-directed learning, he has specialised in many different areas, such as branding, Typography, Lettering, Car Design, Chinesse Artwork, Guilloche, T-shirt Design.

What is your craft / business?

Lettering, hand lettering, typography, illustration, precise and technical drawings, cutting from self-adhesive foil – handmade

Who or what inspired you to get into the type of work you do (how did you get started)?
The thought of working in my profession, it was created a 6 years ago, while working at an advertising agency, this is a new life idea, where I can use my potential, experience and love for precise, demanding work.

How do you describe or categorize yourself?

Accuracy, precision, passion for traditional techniques

From where, or whom, do you draw inspiration?

Old prints, engravings, architecture, old paper shares, steel engravings

What are the OLFA tools that you use for your craft?

Double-Sided Mats, knives in various sizes depending on the work, sometimes a knife to cut the shape of a circle – binding of coins in passe-partout.

What is your favorite OLFA tool and why?

Cutting mats, Compass Circle Cutter, Art Knife, Cutter Model A and other 🙂

When do you do your most creative work?

I think the whole year, because I work the most for US customers, maybe spring :). The time of day – definitely in the morning.

What is something most people would be surprised to know about you?
Yes, a long time ago my design direction was slightly different, e.g. design for the automotive industry, including decorative parts for cars, industrial design, as well as design of paper shares and Chinese painting and ceramics.

What is your favorite project or piece of work you are most proud of?
There are a lot of them, but one of them is the “Police” logo, as it reflects my passion for precision work.

What other hobbies do you enjoy?
Photography, calligraphy and car design

Where do you search for inspiration?
Antique shops & flea markets


Be sure to check out more of Tom’s work online: