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Maker Series – Sandra Johnson

This past February at QuiltCon, Sandra Johnson caught our eye has she walked past our booth in quilted pants! Yes quilted pants! These were certainly a conversation starter. Sandra is quite the talented sewist / quilter and has such a great perspective on how she approaches her projects.

A few weeks after QuiltCon we were able to meet up with Sandra at her home to learn more about her and her processes. Such pleasure to have been able to spend so much time getting to know her.

Read on to learn more about this wonderful Maker!

O: You fell in love with sewing because of your grandmother yet struggled to learn how to sew as a teenager. When was the turning point where it all came together?

SJ: In high school I started to get the hang of it and my skills evolved to the point that I started to receive commission jobs.


O: Which comes first — the fabric or the idea?

SJ: The idea and then I go to my fabrics.

O: If you had to choose between them, would you pick garment making or quilts? Or bags???

SJ: Garments are my 1st love.


O: How do you decide what the style of the quilting on a project should be? When is it by hand and when by machine?

SJ: I hand quilt my denim projects and depending on the end use I will hand stitch a art quilt and machine quilt a quilt for use.

O: Do you use a domestic sewing machine for quilting? Any tips you can share?

SJ: My large quilts go to a long arm quilter. I am starting to use my walking foot for some of my smaller quilts.


O: What kinds of tools do you need for Sashiko? Any tips you can share for a beginner?

SJ: I use embroidery needles and Sashiko needles along with pearl cotton threads.

O: What is your local sewing and quilting community like?

SJ: I have a small group for f makers in Orange County. But 1 hour away there is a large group in LOS ANGELES.


O: How do you connect with other quilters, sewers, and makers in your community?

SJ: I use social media.


O: You strive to marry traditional and modern quilting. What should quilters consider when they try to do the same?

SJ: Traditional concepts as for methods of construction and principles of design are key to modern quilt.

O: What color do you rarely use?

SJ: Black, green, purple


O: What plays in the background when you’re sewing?

SJ: Nothing I must hear myself think.

O: You have a filled teaching schedule! What do you love the most about teaching? (here’s a link to her schedule …

SJ: Motivating my students to be the best people they can be.


O: Is there one class you love to teach over and over again?

SJ: Hand stitching.


O: In the sewing room — shoes on or shoes off?

SJ: Off


You can follow Sandra online at:

Instagram: @sandrajohnsondesigns