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Maker Series – Joshua Duart

Earlier this year a few of us from OLFA attended C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo) here in Chicago, and met some amazing and creative individuals. One of those people was Joshua Duart, or @Thranduart  as he’s known on Instagram. This summer as Josh begins another build we will be following along in our IG Stories. So we wanted to take a moment to allow you to get to know him!


In a couple of sentences, tell us about yourself: I am a cosplayer and costumer that started seriously making back in 2013. I sew, paint, mold, cast, and learn whatever other techniques I need to in order to create my final costumes.

What is your craft / business? Costuming & Cosplay


What are you most well-known for, or what do you consider your area of expertise? I’m most well-known for my attention to detail. I’m a stickler for them and will spend inordinate amounts of time to get something “just so”.


Who or what inspired you to get into the type of work you do (how did you get started)? I “accidentally” fell into cosplay when I attended my first convention in 2013 (Dragon Con) and decided to create a costume for the event. Little did I know that it would be a crowd favorite and that I would win two awards from two different contests over the weekend. It was magical and I was hooked!

How do you describe or categorize yourself? A maker with a flair for entertaining. I love creating the looks but I love wearing them and performing in them even more.


From where, or whom, do you draw inspiration? TV, Film, Anime, Artwork – a lot of my costumes come from my personal favorites but I do have plans to create some just because they are gorgeous.


What are the OLFA tools that you use for your craft? I use the 45mm and 60mm Rotary Cutters (with the Endurance blade!), the 35″ x 70″ Continuous Grid Rotary Mat Set , the precision scissors and the 24″ x 36″ Double-Sided Rotary Mat.

What is your favorite OLFA tool and why? My 60mm Deluxe Handle Rotary Cutter is my go-to for so much. I’ve had it since 2007 and I use it for paper patterns, fabric cutting – I even used it recently for a home improvement project on Vinyl Plank tiles! It’s so versatile and so much easier on my hand than traditional scissors. And WAY faster!

When do you do your most creative work? My most creative work is usually early morning or later in the evenings. I feel like my brain is the sharpest at these times and is in “maker” mode.


What is something most people would be surprised to know about you? I have two degrees – one in Retail Merchandising and one in Fashion Design.


What is your favorite project or piece of work you are most proud of? As of right now, my Lady Tremaine costume is my favorite piece. I spent so much time researching her, learning brand new techniques to make her and hours perfecting the makeup. I instantly fell in love with this look when I saw it on-screen and knew I had to make it and I’m so happy with the end result!

What other hobbies do you enjoy? I love reading – my mom instilled that love in me at an early age. And I LOVE going to the movies at the theater. Something about seeing a film in a theater is just so much fun for me, even as I get older.


Where do you search for inspiration? The good news is, inspiration usually finds me. My first costume (Thranduil from the Hobbit) totally took me by surprise when I saw an early promo photo. One of my upcoming big projects smacked me out of nowhere when I was in the Artists Alley last year at Dragon Con and I am SO excited to share it as I start the build much later this year.


You can follow Josh online:


Twitter: @Thranduart

Instagram: @thranduart.official