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Interview: Felie Hempfling

Felie Hempfling of London and Granger has never met a scrap of fabric she didn’t love and it shows in the scrappy projects she creates!

Tell us about your business and your community.

London and Granger focuses mainly on sewing colorful and eye-catching pouches and bags. Way back in the day, I created hoop art and one-of-a-kind scrappy pouches. To this day, I still love to sew scrappy pouches, but don’t have as much time to create hoop art.


The shop occupies a cozy corner of our home that is perfectly situated not far from downtown Seattle. You can hear the planes flying overhead and the occasional light rail train horn. I love that my girls have neighborhood buddies to play with and I can get a fresh cup of tea when I’m having a rough day. Our neighbors are awesome!


How did you choose your business name? 

When I decided to start my Instagram account, I wanted something that was open to possibilities, but also meant something to me. (I did not imagine it would also become more than just my IG name.) However, London is the name of my first daughter and Granger comes from our Miniature Pincher, Hermione Granger.


Who taught you to sew?

I’m self-taught or maybe it’s in my blood. My dad is a tailor. I remember watching him cut into some Marvin the Martian fabric, adding elastic to the waistband and all of a sudden it was pajamas. I was pretty impressed. My aunt/ninang (Filipino for godmother) was also a sewer. She was always sewing garments. I think watching them all my life provided me with a foundation to sew.


Do you consider yourself a crafter or a quilter — or both?

Since I sew a handful of things not just quilts, I consider myself both a crafter and quilter.

When you make a quilt, do you start with a focus fabric?

Yes, I’m often drawn to pulling a rainbow. That’s my focus fabric, a rainbow, it’s my jam!


What are your favorite items to sew?

Bags and pouches, sometimes you just need a quick finish for a satisfying sew.

You seem to sew a lot of small items. What’s the smallest thing you’ve made?

A teeny tiny pin cushion that measured a little over an inch and a half square!

Is there a certain season you like to sew for? 

Fall and Winter are the best. I love to sew for Halloween and Christmas which is tough because they are back-to-back holidays and I never seem to give myself enough time to finish all the projects I want to make.

What does your sewing space look like? Can you give us some tips on staying organized?

My sewing space is small, but I like to say it’s small but mighty. Measuring in at 5’x7’, it’s our laundry room, utility room and my craft room. I do my best to make sure everything has a place with fabric baskets, folders, plastic bins with lids that lock and bowls to corral tools, and the different projects I’ve got going on. I also do my best to make sure my cutting mat is free of clutter and has nothing on it before I go to bed (that doesn’t always happen).

What has been the most rewarding part of your business?

The friends I’ve made and being creative.


Besides OLFA, what are your go-to tools? 

My Oliso Iron, several fantastic scissors, a seam gauge, and one half of a chopstick- it’s my go to for turning items inside out.


In my sewing room, you’ll find ________ hidden away.

You may see them on occasion floating around, but little toys.


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Scrappy Rainbow Banner


Company name: London and Granger

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Website: London and Granger