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How to Make a Mini Plant Pot Cover using Reclaimed Leather


Spring is in the air! Garden centres are starting to fill up with beautiful plants of all shapes and sizes, and my favourite has to be the mini succulents. I love all the green textures and shapes, and find their 2” by 2” pot size to be adorable. Once I brought them home and used them in my decor, I realized that they would look tres chic with a slouchy leather pot, and I had just the tools and materials on hand to make some. They turned out to be the best kind of DIY; quick, fun, easy, and great results the first time. I even did all the math so you don’t have to!

This project is easy to make out of upcycled materials. Search your closet for a leather garment that you don’t wear anymore. Chances are it will make the prettiest pot cover, and you’ll have leather left over for another project or two. Other places to find leather scraps could be at a craft store, or just check out your local thrift shop and give new purpose to a leather jacket. You don’t need much leather for one of these pretty pot covers, but you might love making them as much as I did and never stop!


I used my sewing machine, but you can use a glue gun or double sided garment tape to assemble these mini pots.

My favourite part about this DIY was learning to use the OLFA Rotary Circle Cutter. I was totally intimidated at first, but all it takes is reading the instructions and practice. I found several videos on Youtube if you need a little more help. The 28 mm rotary blade has a guard, and so does the compass point. While you’re using it, you can stick the point guard right on the front of the compass so you don’t lose it! OLFA recommends a ‘stirring the pot” motion, and I found that to be most helpful.


They turned out to be the best kind of DIY; quick, fun, easy, and great results the first time! That’s what inspired me to share it with you!




TEMPLATE can be downloaded here

A 2” by 2” mini potted succulent

A piece of reclaimed leather, at least 9” by 9”

Rotary Circle Cutter (CMP-3)

6″x12″ Frosted Acrylic Ruler (QR-6X12)

Your favourite OLFA 45” Rotary Cutter

OLFA Cutting Mat

OLFA Scissors for trimming, and/or cutting out

Sewing machine with a leather needle

Coordinating thread

Glue stick


NOTE: Perfect project for the OLFA Splash Quilting/Sewing Kit


Cut your pieces using OLFA tools



Set your OLFA Rotary Circle Cutter to 1.5, which is the radius of the circle you need. Secure the compass point on your leather with room on both side for you hand to make a stirring motion with firm pressure. You shouldn’t have to push hard, just firm. It might take a few tries, but this cutter does make perfect circles quickly.



Using your ruler, measure and cut a rectangle that is 8.8” wide by 3” deep. Now you have the two shapes ready to sew.


Using the Template:

If you don’t have the tools I’ve used, I’ve got you covered! Print out the attached template, and cut out the rectangle and circle. Lay them on your leather, wrong side up, and trace using a pen or chalk. Carefully cut along your lines.


Assembling the pot covers:

Fold the rectangle in half and secure with a clip if you choose.

Sew the ends together, using a 1/4” seam allowance. TIP: be sure to have the needle down before you start to sew. Leather can be slippery. Back stitch at both ends to secure.

Take circle, and clip it to the seam. This will where you start sewing the bottom on. Using clips, or your fingers, keep the edges together and slowly sew in a circle. Try to give 1/8” seam allowance. You can always trim.

Use a glue stick around the top 1” and then fold the top over, gently squeezing it so that it has a lovely finished edge.

Pop your mini plant cover right side out, and pop your favourite mini succulent in it. Ooooh and aaaah over how cute it is and find the perfect little nook to put it into. And then make a bunch for your friends! Enjoy!