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After Bath Snuggle Blanket

This project was inspired by a hooded blanket tutorial from Kelly Oribine at The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking (now It was the perfect gift idea for this cuddle fabric from Shannon Fabrics. How cute are these forest friends? Not to mention super snuggly!


OLFA Double Sided Self-Healing Rotary Mat

OLFA 45mm Rotary Cutter

1 yard Cuddle Forest Tails Cuddle Kiwi

1 yard Cuddle Dimple Chocolate

Note: Since I was using Cuddle fabric both layers, I omitted the batting layer called for in the original tutorial.

First I started by squaring up my fabric so I would have a nice square when folded in half. (Note: this fabric sheds like crazy when you cut it, so don’t plan your vacuuming for right before crafting with this or you will need to vacuum again J)

To make the rounded hood area, I used a plate as my template. You want a nice curve but don’t have to worry about it being too exact. Cut out your first piece and then use this as your guide for your second layer as well. (You can also use newspaper to make a pattern to follow for both pieces too.)

Once both pieces are cut out, pin them together with right sides facing each other. I also pinned the middle to be able to work with the piece as a whole and reduce shifting. If your edges do not match exactly, trim any excess while pinning. Be sure to mark one of the corners to leave open for turning.

Next sew around your edges. You can use a straight stitch or you could serge this seem if you have a serger – just be sure to leave that opening for turning.

After you have sewed your edges, trim as needed and turn the right-sides out. You will now want to form your hood on the section that you left open for turning. I used both a straight stich and an additional zig-zag stitch here since the fabric was so fluffy and thick. Trim the excess and now your hood is formed.

To finish, simply stitch all around the entire blanket.

The Cuddle fabric makes this pattern into a great snuggle blanket for after bath time.




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