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Project: Greeting Cards That Show Mom & Dad Love

What better occasion than Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to show our parents how much we appreciate the amazing things they do for us? With both holidays right around the corner, now is the time to start brainstorming personalized, one-of-a-kind card ideas you can make and they’ll never forget. Nothing shows the love better than an extra-special message made from the heart. And greeting cards made by hand are even more special, and are the perfect project for a wide range of ages. Small to adult children can create unique greeting cards to show Mom and Dad the love they deserve!


OLFA® cutting tools are there to help accomplish any card-making project quickly and precisely with the professional edge. Adults should help small children, making safety a priority by handling all cutting. And the kids—they can assist with the design and assembly.


Here are some fantastic ideas to get your wheels turning so you can surprise Mom and Dad with an awesome card made by you!



Skill: Teens to grown-ups


Beautiful Paper Bouquet

This lovely and unique card will pop with a colorful graphic of a bright bouquet of flowers and will convey a heartfelt message for Mom on her special day! Here’s how:

  • From an array of colored card stock paper, cut out simple flower shapes in freehand style. Using vivid colors and clean lines while cutting creates a cool look.
  • Once you have 5 to 7 different flower shapes, cut out small circles for flower centers. Use colors that contrast or complement the flower colors. Dab a little craft glue in the middle of each flower and add the centers.
  • On a plain blank greeting card (these can be found at almost any craft-supply store), begin gluing the flowers to the front to form a bouquet. With a fine-tip marker, draw stems, using straight simple lines. Draw a vase in freehand style with the fine-tip marker.
  • Finish by writing “Happy Mother’s Day!” and a special, personal message inside.


Skill: Kids assemble, grown-ups cut


Pop-up Flower! 

Using a similar concept to the card made by grown children (above), cut a single large flower shape and create a paper spring for the stem. When the card is opened, the flower pops up for a big Mother’s Day wow! Here’s how:

  • Cut a large flower shape from card stock.
  • Cut two green rectangular pieces measuring about 2″ by 8″ to 11″ long. Also, cut a circular center and glue it to the middle of the flower.
  • To make the springing stem, line up the two green rectangular cutouts at a right angle. Fold the rectangles at a right angle, one on top of the next, forming a springing stem. Using craft glue, glue the ends together once you have finished folding. Finally, glue the base of the spring to the inside of the card. Finish off by gluing the flower to the top of the spring.
  • On the outside of the card, have the child write, “Happy Mother’s Day!” and personalize the inside with a special message and your child’s hand-printed name. Precious!



Skill: Teens to grown-ups


“Dad, I am awesome because YOU are awesome!”

This bold and fun card is cool because it has an illustrator’s style conveying a message that would make every dad’s day! The trick to create this modern look is to cut out by hand the letters individually. The lettering should not be traced from stencils but rather, each letter cut freestyle. Size and shape differences and even the imperfections make it an individual work of art. Here’s how:

  • On black card stock paper, use a pencil to draw the outlines of each letter to form the phrase “Dad, I am awesome because YOU are awesome!” Next, cut out each letter. Make the lines clean as you cut and try to keep the letters all about the same general size. The letters should be no more than 1″ wide for the phrase to fit on a standard blank card.
  • Once you have all the letters cut, use craft glue to affix the first half of the phrase to the front of the card: “Dad, I am awesome”. The second half of the phrase—“because YOU are awesome!”— should be glued inside the card.
  • Personalize the inside of the card with a message written with a fine-tip marker.


Skill: Kids assemble, grown-ups cut


Dad, you are SUPER!

This fantastic card shows Dad what a SUPERhero he is with both the clever phrase and the bright, bold shield inside! Here’s how:

  • Cut a red shield shape from card stock paper along with a bright, yellowish-gold lightning bolt shape. Glue the lightning bolt to the center of the shield with craft glue. Glue the shield to the inside of the card.
  • On the outside, have the child write, “Dad, you are SUPER!” Smaller children may need help. On the inside write a personalized message and have your kids sign. Ka-zow!



  • To add additional details to the flowers, draw designs in the flower centers or outline each flower shape with clean lines using a fine-tip marker. For an artistic look, add more details. For a graphic look, limit doodles and keep simple.
  • Mix and match colors when working on the lettering for the “Dad, I’m awesome because YOU are awesome!” card for a festive look, or use solid black lettering for a more modern look.
  • To add a little additional fun and whimsy to each of these designs, here’s a fun tip using sticky notes: Draw small designs on the narrow, sticky-band side of a sticky notepaper with a fine-tip marker. You can draw personalized doodles that relate to each parent. Cut out the doodles and stick on the inside of the card. As an example, some clever kids made this cool card for their dad. Get creative!

SHOW US YOUR CARDS! Have a cool Mother’s Day or Father’s Day card to share? Please send to inspire other paper crafters!