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Project: Fresh Fall and Winter Wreath

A seasonal wreath on the front door says, “Welcome.” It conveys warmth, hospitality and good cheer. It’s like putting a smile on your home. And, the beauty of a wreath on the door is it can be simple or splashy, depending on your mood. From a sparse woodsy grapevine finished-off with an eye-catching ribbon, to an elaborate, finely cut felt masterpiece filled with color.


To help put that smile on your home this fall and holiday season, here are three inspiring fall- and winter-wreath projects to get your creative spirit flowing. And, to speed things along, pull out your OLFA® rotary cutter, OLFA® circle cutter and an OLFA® cutting mat. Once you hang your new wreath on your door, don’t be surprised if neighbors and friends stop by more frequently for a visit, or just to compliment you on your sensational seasonal creation.




The ombre effect is still very alive and on trend. Check out this ombre felt-leaf wreath from Burlap and Blue for ideas and an easy project. Choose shades of blue and white felt for a wintery look, or autumn-inspired colors like bronze, gold and red for a fall wreath. It’s best to use five to seven varying shades of color, ranging from light, to medium, to dark. Using an OLFA rotary cutter and an OLFA cutting mat, cut felt pieces into simple, oblong leaf shapes, pointed at each end.


Once you have cut enough felt leaves to cover your wreath form (remember, cut an even number of leaves from each color to equally transition from one shade to the next around the form), layer the colors lightest to dark, so they fade into the next shade. Glue them to your wreath form with hot-melt glue. Continue layering the leaves, with each color filling in an equal section of the wreath, until it’s fully covered. Leave the finished wreath as-is for a minimalist look, or embellish with a contrasting burlap bow.




Cut repeating circles the same size using the OLFA® Rotary Circle Cutter (CMP-3) to make this gorgeous, ruffled winter wreath from Design Sponge. Cut 3-inch circles from a single color of felt (white or very light blue are perfect for winter).



Fold the circle in half, then fold in half again and pinch in the center to form a ruffle. Stickpins are a quick and easy way to attach each ruffle to a foam form.



Continue until the entire form is covered.



Leave as is, add seasonal decorations or a wisp of glitter. This wreath can be left up year round and still coordinate with the season by changing out the decorations.




This wreath starts out as a simple straw wreath form wrapped with yarn. Choose white or silver yarn for winter; warm gold, or tan for fall. Wrap the yarn around and around the wreath until the form is completely covered.


The focal point of this wreath is a cluster of felt rosettes. Use an OLFA® 18mm Straight Handle Rotary Cutter (RTY-4) to make the cutting quick and easy, as this project would be more difficult with standard scissors. To shape the rosettes, cut out large felt circles. Then cut a spiral all the way to the center of the circle. For a good step-by-step tutorial, see A Pretty Life’s Winter Yarn and Rosette Wreath Project. Twirl the spiraled felt shape into a rosette. Use hot-melt glue to secure the ends and fasten the rosettes onto the yarn-covered wreath until your cluster is nice and full.



  • Easy repeating shapes. Make a template out of thin cardboard and trace it onto your felt using a fine-tip marker. Cut inside of the marker line so you avoid any marker showing on the shape.
  • Assembly line method. Cut out all repeating shapes at one time. Once everything is cut out, then you can begin shaping and gluing.
  • Choose the right glue. When working with hot-melt glue and felt, it’s best to choose a low-temp hot glue. If you’re creasing edges and gluing, some hot-melt glue could bleed through the felt. Apply light pressure so the glue doesn’t seep through the fabric.