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Project: Floral Raw Edge Quilt

Raw edge quilting just got easier! By using your OLFA rotary cutter and a decorative edge balde, you eliminate the need to snip the seam allowances once it is pieced. You’ll have this soft and cozy quilt stitched up in no time!


  • Read through all instructions before beginning.
  • This is a great project for quilting practice, whether by machine or hand. By quilting each block before assembly, there is much more control than when quilting a larger piece.
  • Hearts and flowers not your thing? Choose another set of shapes! Minnie Mouse ears and bows, dinosaur footprints and bones, airplanes and trucks, and butterflies and leaves are all great options for children.
  • See how to properly attached a decorative rotary blade to your OLFA Deluxe Rotary Cutter in this video.




6″ x 12″ Frosted Acrylic Ruler (QR-6×12)
24″ x 36″ Self-Healing Rotary Mat (RM-MG)
45mm Deluxe Rotary Cutter (RTY-2/DX)
45mm Scallop/Peak Rotary Blade (SCB45-1)
5″ Precision Applique Scissors (SCS-4)


2 yds flannel in floral or other print
1/2 yd each of flannel in 6 coordinating solid colors
2 yds quilt batting
Basic sewing supplies


  1. Cut (52) 6-1/2″ square of the printed flannel using your OLFA rotary cutter fit with the scallop blade.
  2. Cut (3) 6-1/2″ squares of each of the solid flannels to total 18 solid squares.
  3. For borders, cut (8) 6-1/2″ x 38″ strips from solid flannels and from batting.
  4. Cut (35) 6″ squares from quilt batting.
  5. Make a sandwich by placing the batting between a square of printed flannel on the bottom and printed or solid flannel on top. There will be 17 layered squares with printed flannel on top and 18 layered squares with solid flannel on top.
  6. Quilt each square by alternating stitching a heart or flower through all three layers.
  7. Add applique hearts to several squares if desired. Simply cut hearts out of solid flannel and stitch on top.
  8. When all squares are quilted, sew them together into rows, back sides together, leaving raw edges exposed. Follow the pattern as seen in the photograph, alternating solids and prints.
  9. Add borders in the same manner. Stitch hearts on the border before adding borders to the quilt. Once borders are sewn on to the body of the quilt, stitch all the way around the perimeter of the quilt to secure.


  10. Toss your finished quilt in the washer and dryer to soften and fluff it up and to make the edges fray.