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How to Make Easy Decorative Flowers

By Randa Roberts


With summer approaching, you may be looking for an easy craft to keep the kids entertained. Let OLFA Creator Randa Roberts show you how to use the OLFA Beginner Craft Knife and some colorful paper to create a decorative flower garden of your own. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of any kind of DIY decor and double down on any idea that can be recycled when I’m ready to change it up! Like a lot of you, I went through all the drawers and closets during our extra time at home. I found a small stack of colorful paper from an old family craft. This made me think of some leather flowers I created for a customer a few weeks ago and thought that I could use this paper to make some colorful paper versions. But what would I do with them?

Well, I have a corkboard that was in need of a fresh update. These pretty flowers took minutes to make and were easy to attach to the corkboard using thumbtacks. My studio is going through an update right now, and this will eventually end up above my sewing machines as a new vision board. I am loving the summer vibes that these paper flowers bring. Since they’re made from scrap paper and attached using thumbtacks, this design DIY project can be recycled as the seasons change.

The OLFA Beginner Craft Knife is the perfect tool to make these flowers. Only a tiny bit of the blade is exposed, so I was able to hold it and control it like a pen.

After a few simple steps, I had a lovely and colorful decoration for the top of my soon to be vision board, which will be right above my sewing machines where I spend most of my time.

Here’s how I created this little paper flowers:


You will need:

ESK – 1 Beginner Craft Knife

OLFA Cutting Mat (12 x 18 used for this project)

OLFA Frosted Advantage Ruler (QR 6×12 used for this project)

Colorful paper

Glue Stick

Pencil optional

NOTE: The craft paper I had lying around was 6” by 7” and had two different color patterns on either side.  Any paper will do, and the differences in sizing and color will only make your creations more unique!

Start out by cutting a large rectangle. You will be folding it in half to make the flower, so leave yourself enough room.

Next, you’ll be slicing through the middle of the rectangle. Use a pencil to draw some guidelines about half-inch in on both long sides.

Use a ruler if you like, (I didn’t!) and starting with your ESK – 1 Craft Knife on the top line, slice a straight vertical line, stopping at the bottom line. Continue to make these cuts across the full length of your rectangle.

Apply a thick layer of glue along one of the bottom edges.

Stick both edges together, allowing the sliced pieces to fan out.

Apply another thick layer of glue along the bottom of one side, and then start to roll it up.

Keep pinching the bottom as you go along.

Let the flower dry. For leaves, I used green paper cut into wider strips.

These pretty flowers took minutes to make and were easy to attach to the corkboard using thumbtacks. You could also get out your glue gun and secure some paper blooms to handmade cards, or even make a stem from other recycled materials!

I’m thrilled with how they look bunched in the corners. I had to stop myself from making more!!

I hope you have a ton of fun making paper flowers using the ESK – 1 OLFA Beginner Craft Knife!


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