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Project: Duct-Tape: Let the Back-to-School Fun Begin!

Remember the days of one-color (silver) duct tape? You’d find it tucked back on a dusty hardware-store shelf in the heating and air conditioning section. Practical? Heck yeah. You can use it for just about anything. Fashionable? Maybe! Duct-tape projects took off with the duct-tape wallet, and it didn’t take crafters long to blow it out from there. Duct tape has become the new canvas for creativity. Just search for duct tape projects on Pinterest. It’s so popular, you can find craft stores permanently stocked with duct tape in just about any color and pattern. Think of it as an endless rainbow of opportunity!


Duct tape has a few really incredible properties that make it, well, fantastically fun for crafting. On the topside, duct tape is made from super-strong fabric. And on the underside, there’s sticky rubber-based adhesive. Unlike other tapes, the fabric topside gives it strength and incredible durability. And who doesn’t want their crafts lasting just about forever?


Duct tape is also malleable and sticks well to itself. Light-bulb moment! Crafters create duct-tape “fabric sheets” by simply layering the duct tape on itself, sticky side to sticky side. A durable sheet of duct-tape fabric can be turned into just about anything. And any project made with it will last a good long time.


Once torn, the ends of duct tape fray. While this might be fine for its original purpose, crafters usually prefer a nice, crisp, clean edge. OLFA® Rotary Cutters are the perfect tools for the job. Simply roll the blade near the end of the duct-tape fabric and you create a flawless edge. OLFA 28mm and OLFA 18mm Rotary Cutters are small enough for trimming and creating delightful details, like small triangles, half circles and any shape you can imagine.


Working with duct tape can be a challenge because the backing is incredibly sticky. However, when placed on top of an OLFA Cutting Mat, the tape can be cut and easily removed. In fact, you can stick strips of duct tape directly to the mat, cut and trim with the rotary cutter, peel off and stick anywhere! Create fun designs and large sheets of duct tape fabric right on the cutting mat for endless creative possibilities, without the annoyance of duct tape getting stuck where you don’t want it.


If you want to try duct-tape crafting yourself, we’ve created two super-cute, back-to-school projects with an under-the-sea theme your kids will love. Check out the simple instructions for each craft, and be sure to watch our fun and easy-to-follow how-to videos. They’ll have you humming a happy tune while you create something exciting to help your little one’s return to school go swimmingly!


Satisfy your kid’s appetite and make lunchtime exciting with this easy-to-make Shark Lunch Bag. All you need are a few rolls of colored duct tape, OLFA Rotary Cutters. The bag is way easier to make than the many lunches it will hold this school year!

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Organize those loose school supplies your kids need every day with this friendly shark pencil case. It’s made from standard silver duct tape and can easily be created in minutes. In fact, kids love to draw their own shark pattern, and then you can help by cutting it out from duct-tape fabric using an OLFA Rotary Cutter .

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