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Designer Spotlight – Patty Prann Young

Patty Prann Young of MODKID,LLC  has a gift for designing clothing and fabric. Through her high-quality boutique-style patterns, she has been dressing up kids of all ages with her modern and fun clothing designs. Her love of travel has been a big factor in her fabric designing, too. She’s celebrating her 21st line of fabric soon and it was inspired by a family trip to Cuba! Get to know Patty better, then checkout her website and Instagram so you can see what makes this creative designer tick! Then check out her great Pineapple Tote she created for you this month!


O: How did you choose your business name?

P: When I was starting my company, I knew I wanted to create modern clothing and textiles for children. I started playing with words: MODERN + CHILD … MODERN + KID = MODKID. It was a pretty quick process. My husband did a quick search to make sure the name wasn’t already taken. I designed the logo as soon as the name popped into my head, and we sent off for the copyright.

O: Do you specialize in a specific look or technique?

P: My specialty is sewing patterns for children’s clothing with a modern style. My fabric designs are often modern in style as well.

O: What craft or hobby did you do prior to sewing? Do you still continue? 

P: Photography has always been my favorite hobby and I still continue to this day. I use my photography skills for the pattern covers, blog, Instagram posts, etc. but also for documenting my travels and everyday life.

O: Tell us about your fabric designs. How many fabric collections have you designed.

P: I have been designing fabric since 2007 and I average 2 lines per year (one in the Spring and one in the Fall). Club Havana, my most recent fabric collection for Riley Blake Designs, is my 21st fabric line. I often draw inspiration for my designs from travels and personal experiences. Club Havana was designed after my whole family traveled to Cuba to celebrate my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary last Summer.


O: What is your favorite holiday? 

P: Of course, I love Christmas for all the obvious reasons, but the holiday where I feel I get the most creative with is Halloween. My daughters, Sophia and Sydney, are creative and always eager to try something new. Each Halloween, for as long as I can remember, we come up with a costume theme. I usually design and sew the costume and Sydney helps with hair and makeup, then we have a fun photoshoot on location. Here are a few examples of the most recent ones we’ve done.

O: Do you have a hidden talent?

P: Not really. I think pretty much everything I feel I’m good at (photography, sewing, drawing, designing) I have built into my business and everyday life.

O: Do you have a favorite color?

P: I wear black and gray a lot, so I guess I prefer those colors for clothing. But when designing, I always gravitate towards lime green and teal/turquoise.

O: How do you spend your free time?

P: I love to watch Netflix Originals! As soon as I finish a series, I’m always on the lookout for something new to watch. I also love to travel to new places and try new food and craft beers. My husband and I are craft beer aficionados, so we often like to try new breweries when we travel.

O: What don’t people know about you? 

P: I was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Costa Rica. My dad is Puerto Rican and my mom is Costa Rican, so I am 100% Hispanic. People often don’t realize that (unless the hear me speak) because of my name.

O: Besides OLFA, what are your go-to quilting tools?

P: I use OLFA everything in my studio… rotary cutters, rulers, mats, etc! I also love my Baby Lock sewing machines! I have four of them which I use daily.

O: Give us a quick tip, please.

P: Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. That’s what seam rippers are for! I often see people on social media make statements like “I’m afraid to sew with knits.” or “I am terrified of shirring!” to which I always respond… “Nonsense!” Just grab some cheap scrap of fabric and experiment. What’s the worst thing that can happen? If it doesn’t turn out how you wanted it to, try again. Pull up a YouTube video on how to do it and practice, practice, practice. Chances are, you’ll discover something you’ve been missing your whole life!

O: Which school class do you wish you’d paid more attention to? 

P: Economics, haha! I am terrible with money and business planning, which is why I need my husband to run that side of the business for me.

O: What have you dreamed of doing but haven’t yet?

P: Learn to play a musical instrument. My family is not the musical type. No one in my family plays any instruments and I always wish I had picked it up as a child.