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Designer Interview: Carla Peicheff

What started as a business sewing handmade cards blossomed into a full-time endeavor once Carla Peicheff discovered sewing with fabric! Now she spends her days at Carla’s Creations, making small pouches and bags for sale. This month she created a great Quick & Easy Fussy Cut Pincushion for you!


Please tell us about your business, how long you’ve owned it, what you do.

For the past six years, I have had a small sewing business, Carla’s Creations, making pouches, wristlets & wallets created with designer fabrics and traditionally crafted patchwork. I also use Vegan eco-conscious cork products with a sleek, simple and modern look and feel. I will do some custom work but am moving more towards mostly Ready to Ship items as it frees up more time for my family and other obligations. Custom work can be very time consuming, and as I get older, I realize just how precious the gift of time really is.


How did you get your start in the quilting and sewing industry?

Actually, I began sewing with my scrapbooking and card making. I used to sew on my handmade cards, and one day decided to try sewing on fabric. Voila! My new obsession was born!! This card was published with a handful of others in PaperCrafts magazine.

Do you specialize in a specific look or technique?

I love bright, happy colours. I’m very “Type A” and a perfectionist, so I tend to go towards the sleek, clean, modern look. I’m not very good at “improv” or “wild” techniques, I just don’t have it in me.


Where are you from? What is your community like?

I currently live in London, Ontario. The population is probably creeping up to about half a million. It’s a nice, big city, with lots to do year round and an amazingly diverse & multicultural community.

What craft or hobby do you do other than sewing?

I love photography and have always wanted to learn embroidery. I do a little bit of embroidery here and there, but honestly, my “skills” are nothing to write home about. I have books to teach me. Now I just need the time and patience.


What has been the most rewarding part of your business?

The people I’ve met, bar none. I have made some wonderfully, inspiring life long friends, and for them, I am grateful.


You get to create a new color for the Crayon box. What does it look like?

Ooohhhhh… can I make it a teal’y, aqua’ish, orange’y colour!?! If so, sign me up!!


What kinds of projects do you like to make to celebrate Spring?

Fun pouches with EPP (English Paper Piecing) or patchwork, wallets, little items to bright up a home, etc … really it’s just the shift in fabrics from fall and winter colours, to bright & happy spring and summer colours!


Do you snack when you sew? Sweet or salty?

Sometimes… mostly grapes. If I drop one it’s not going to ruin whatever project I’m working on. And they’re healthy, quick and easy.


Which social media platform do you tend to use the most?

Probably Facebook  … I enjoy Instagram as well, but when it comes down to it, I tend to lean towards Facebook. I find it “easier” to post on Facebook as I feel pressure to make sure all my photos are “picture perfect” on Instagram but I don’t feel that pressure at all on Facebook. *blush*


What might surprise readers about your business or career path? What did you do before?

That I swore up and down that I’d *NEVER* sew. My mom tried to teach me how to sew numerous times and I’d always tell her, “Don’t bother, I’m never going to sew!” Oh, if I knew then what I know now… LOL!! Live and learn right? PS – My mom is an amazing sewist with mad skills!

Do you have a certain fabric or pattern designer you love to follow?

I have a few designers that I tend to stalk, er, admire … lol! In no certain order … Patty Sloniger, Kelly Panacci and Amy Sinibaldi.


When you have free time, what do you do?

I love the long, warm, sunny spring and summer months, so sitting outside with my kids, a good book, a cold drink and my feet up is ultimate relaxation to me. In just my general “free time”, which I’m going to add, is not nearly as often as I’d like it to be, I like to read, or do fun activities with my kids. We’ll take in a movie, go to an event happening around the city, live theatre/concerts, play a board game, etc … all the “little things” that make life complete.

Besides OLFA, what are go-to sewing and quilting tools that you have to have?

Honestly OLFA pretty much makes all I need, but I’m going to say my other “must haves” are:

– My JUKI TL2010Q. Love it to bits, it’s a workhorse!

– My Clover HERA marker. I’d be lost without it!

– Long, quilting pins with glass heads.


Please give us a quick sewing tip.

If you have to use too much pressure when using your OLFA rotary cutter to cut fabric, or your OLFA mat is being chewed up, it’s definitely time to change the blade!! I notice such a huge difference after changing my blade, I always wonder why I didn’t do it sooner!


Be sure to check out Carla’s Quick and Easy Fussy Cut Pincushion, designed exclusively for OLFA!


Company name: Carla’s Creations

Website: Carla’s Creations