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Create a Windmill Tote Bag: Halloween Edition

By Kimberly Bucki


This sewing project is quick and easy. You’ll love the finished product – a perfect bag for your all Halloween candy haul.

Or you can make a lot of these to have a cool and colorful assortment of reusable shopping bags, storage for your projects, or even a neat purse!

Let’s get started:

Supplies needed:

Outer fabric, two colors

Lining fabric

Fabric for handle, minimum 4”x14” (2x)

OLFA Serrated Scissors

Rotary Cutter of your choice (OLFA 45mm Ergonomic Rotary Cutter shown) 

OLFA 6”x 24” Frosted Acrylic Ruler

OLFA Cutting Mat 


Begin by cutting out two pieces each of your outer fabric, and four pieces with your lining fabric – each at 6” by 22”

Arrange your four outer pieces as shown. 

Flip over RST your two halves like so. Make a mark ¼” away from the edge (as indicated by the dot), pin, and sew the line with a ¼” seam allowance. 

After sewing, use your scissors to cut up to the dot right before your sewing begins. This step is very important because it allows you to do the sides of the bag without any extra bulk!

Press seams open, and continue doing this for all future seams. 

Lay your freshly ironed pieces out on your mat in this arrangement. 

Fold the top half down to the bottom half, right sides together.

Make a mark ¼” away from each edge and sew with a ¼” seam allowance between the two dots. 

Snip the fabric, as you did before, up to the dot at the beginning of your sewing line, on each side.

Press seams open. 

Now we are going to sew the sides. Lay your project out flat, as this will make it easier to see whats happening next.

First, take one long “leg” and fold that right edge down to meet the piece next to it. 

Line up the seams, and sew a ¼” seam allowance as shown. 

Keep repeating the last two steps for the remaining sides. 

This is what the outside of the bag should look like once you finish sewing up all the edges.

Pretty cool so far? Let’s move on!

Repeat all the previous steps to sew the lining of the bag, except for ONE of the sides – leave a small 3-4” opening somewhere along the middle. This will be used for turning later on.

After you finish up the lining, set that aside for a second while we make some bag straps!

Now you can use pre-made straps, but I will show you how to quickly make some yourself. 

First, cut out two- 4”x 14” strips. I used my lining color, but you can use any other. You can also make the straps longer for an over the shoulder strap. 

Iron each strip in half lengthwise, then fold each half in towards the center and press. 

Next, just top stitch the length of the strap down both sides, and you’re done!

Pin the straps at each of the four corners on the outer piece of the bag, as shown. Mark a line about an inch down from the point. Sew across the line, remembering to back-stitch very well at the start and end of each line.

Put the lining of the bag around the outside of the outer bag, right sides together. (The seams will be facing you.) 

Line up each point, and divot, and pin it together well.

Sew along the entire opening of the bag with a ¼” seam allowance. Tip: remember to leave the needle in the down position at each corner. 

Snip the inner corners up to the stitching without cutting the stitch themselves. This will help everything lay very flat when it is turned.

Turn the bag right sides out using the 3” hole you left in the lining fabric.

Hand sew the hole closed using whatever stitch you prefer

Put the lining on the inside of the bag, and iron the opening seams flat so they line up.

Top stitch around the entire opening.


I hope you had as much fun making this bag, as I did putting together a quick tutorial. 

Remember you can change any of my sizes to make the bag larger or smaller!

Here’s some photos of the bag FULL of candy!!! 

Can’t wait until my next tutorial for everyone here in the @OLFAcreates family, until next time!