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Cozy Pillow Cover

By OLFA Creates

Hi, my name is Cassie and I have a pillow addiction. Seriously, who doesn’t love pillows? They are soft and cuddly; plus it’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to freshen up a room without costing a fortune. It’s even better when you get to make new pillows testing out some fun faux fur!

I inherited some giant pillows similar in size to a former OLFA pillow project. Although they were super cute, they just don’t quite match my living room décor. But as soon as I saw this fun faux fur from Shannon Fabrics, I knew exactly what I wanted to create with it. This is a super easy project that anyone with basic sewing skills can handle and takes less than 30 minutes to complete.


OLFA 45mm or 60mm Rotary Cutter

OLFA Double Sided Self-Healing Rotary Mat

OLFA 6″ x 24″ Frosted Acrylic Ruler (QR-6X24)

faux fur from Shannon Fabrics,

First, lay your fabric out flat and then wrap your pillow with the fabric (fur or printed side to the inside). You want to make sure you have a good overlap on the backside to completely cover the pillow. These pillows were 30” pillows so I wanted at least 8-10” of overlap.

Next, mark the outer edges with either pins or a marker to know where your fold lines are. You will need to be able to refold to this once you remove the pillow. With the fabric flat and your overlap where you want it, pin the edge closest to the salvage to begin your first seem side for sewing. Once pinned, I marked a line to follow for sewing. Make sure you leave a nice seam allowance. Since this was the raw edge, I left extra and made my sewing line where I would be able to have the recommended ½” when trimmed. (Shannon provides some great tips and tricks for working with fur here.)

Now you are ready to sew. Working with this much thickness was a bit tricky and you will definitely want a walking foot to help with all of the layers. Luckily tough, this is a very forgiving pattern and you do not have to worry about being too precise in your stitching. Just make sure to get a nice (fairly) straight and thorough seam through all of the layers. I used a zig-zag stitch for a heavy-duty seam. Trim this side as needed, but be sure to leave a generous allowance as recommended.

Once side one is sewn and trimmed you are ready to prepare for side two. Measure the width of your pillow from your first seam and mark. You may want to mark slightly smaller than the pillow if your inserts are a) already used and slightly flat or b) you want to make your cover tight to make the pillows extra fluffy. I marked my line about 2” shorter than the pillow to make it fluffier once completed. Depending on the width of your fabric and the size of your pillow, you may want to trim this side before sewing. I had over 10” of excess material that I trimmed it down to allow for easier handling on the machine.


Cutting Tip: This is some thick cutting! You might want to use a 60mm Rotary Cutter if you have one. I know what is going on my wish list.

Sew your second side and then trim excess and corners as needed. Flip the fur to the outside and slip your pillow inside. Now you have a nice new fuzzy pillow to cuddle up on the couch during those cold winter nights.



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