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Project: Chenille Teddy Bear

Nothing is softer than this cuddly little bear, just right for the little ones in your family. This project uses your favorite teddy bear pattern and simple techniques to create a treasured favorite your kids will love a lifetime.





  • Any teddy bear pattern (we used Carol’s Bear pattern found at
  • 1 yd cotton or flannel fabric
  • Fiberfill
  • Ribbon
  • Chalk marker or marking pencil
  • Basic sewing supplies


  1. Create chenille fabric first. Cut rectangles of fabric large enough to cover pattern pieces. You will need 3 layers plus one larger foundation layer for each pattern piece.
  2. Stack 3 smaller layers of fabric on top of larger foundation fabric.
  3. Using the chalk marker and 45 degree angle on your ruler, draw a diagonal line through the center of the top layer of fabric. Drawn line must be on the bias of the fabric in order for the fabric to chenille properly.
  4. Stitch through all four layers of each rectangle, using the diagonal line as your sewing guide.
  5. Continue to sew parallel lines or channels on the diagonal, covering the entire rectangle. Use the presser foot on your sewing machine as a guide to keep your stitching lines straight and even. We sewed ours 3/8″ apart. Try different width channels to create different effects.
  6. Cut channels open, using your OLFA Chenille Cutter.
  7. Trace pattern pieces on new chenille fabric and cut them out.
  8. Assemble pattern pieces according to the instructions that came with your pattern.
    Attach eyes, nose, and stitch mouth.


  9. Wash and dry your little bear to properly fluff him up.
  10. Add a matching ribbon around his neck and he is ready for your favorite little boy or girl to love.


  • Backstitch at the beginning and end of each seam line. Increase stitch length to 3.0 to speed up sewing.
  • Pull fabric taut as you sew through first diagonal to ease stitching. Sew down one line of stitching, then up for the next to prevent fabric distortion.
  • For a demonstration on how to use the OLFA Chenille Cutter, view the video here.