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Brighten Your Day with Flower Barrettes

A bright flower for your hair… Or a pin on your lapel… Or even a fun way to dress up a pillow…. Whatever the occasion, flowers are the perfect accessory for spring. And these easy-to-make flower barrettes from designer Sheila Reinke can come in any color you imagine.  Have fun stitching up a garden full.  


Barrette Clip(s) Fabric Fat Quarter Scrap of Grosgrain Ribbon

Suggested Tools:

Project Level: Beginner


  1. Glue ribbon to barrette clip and set aside.
  2. Using OLFA circle cutter, cut 10 circles, 2″ in diameter from the fat quarter.
  3. Fold each circle in half twice, iron the very tip of the center of the folded circle. Ironing just the tip will help keep the shape of the leaf/petal as you work with it.
  4. Lay four of the folded circles together with center points touching to create a circle. Hand-sew the points together.
  5. Add the remaining circles by sewing their points to the new circle, one at a time. Eventually, all 10 circle points will be sewn together.
  6. Fluff flower once it’s finished, then sew or glue to barrette.


  • You can make several of these and add them to a headband.
  • Make larger flowers (with 3″ circles), and add green leaves.
  • Glue a lapel pin to the back to wear as a corsage.
  • Decorate a pillow with several to make it look like a flower garden.
  • Some fabrics fray easier than others, keep this in mind as you work. The fraying can look quite cute with the right fabric choice.
  • You can use cotton fabrics, bridal fabrics, or felt. It all depends on the look you want.
  • Adding some leaves to the bottom of the flower can make it look more like a flower.

  Pattern designed by Sheila Reinke. This pattern can be reproduced for personal (not for sale) use. For more patterns by Sheila, see her blog: