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Project: Autumn Acorn Pincushions

Make these adorable pincushions for your fall quilting retreat! Try different size circles for different size pincushions. Or, attach a paper banner printed with the name of a guest for a fun place card at your holiday table.


  • Instructions below are for both large and small pincushions.
  • Make a variety of acorns by cutting different sizes of circles. The diameter of the acorn cap is always half the size of the acorn bottom.
  • Mix & match the fabrics. The instructions below use the dark brown for the base and the light brown for the cap of the large acorn. The small acorn uses the light brown for the base and the dark brown for the cap.





  • 1/3 yard dark brown flannel, wool or cotton fabric
  • 1/3 yard light brown flannel, wool or cotton fabric
  • Strip of wool or homespun
  • Embroidery floss to contrast or match
  • Cotton stuffing
  • Washed playground sand or art sand
  • Twigs or grapevine
  • Tacky glue


  1. Cut a 10” circle {set Circle Cutter at 5” depth} and a 4” circle {set Circle Cutter depth at 2”} from dark brown fabric.
  2. Cut an 8” circle {set Circle Cutter at 4” depth} and a 5” circle {set Circle Cutter at 2-1/2” depth} from light brown fabric.
  3. Press the larger circles in half and then in half again to form quarters. The creases will be a guide line.
  4. Thread a large eye needle with three strands of contrasting or matching embroidery floss. Make a series of large X stitches through the center of each large circle. Then, make another line of X stitches in the other direction. Both times, use the line you pressed as a guide.
  5. Using six strands of floss, gather around the circle, 1/4” from the cut edge. Pull up leaving a small opening.
  6. Fill the bottom part of the acorn approximately half way with sand. Stuff the remaining space with cotton stuffing, making it firm but not overstuffed.
  7. Pull the floss up tightly, stitch across the opening several times and knot off.
  8. Lay the circle for the cap of the acorn over the top of the base, covering the opening. Use three strands of floss and a sharp needle to gather and anchor the top. You’ll be stitching the cap to the acorn approximately 1-1/2” from the opening.
  9. Start a stitch 3/8” away from the cut edge of the circle, catching the acorn bottom. Using a running stitch, stitch all around the circle, taking one stitch through all layers and then two only through the circle. Gather the circle slightly as you stitch.
  10. Continue around the circle in this fashion, two gathering stitches and one anchor stitch, leaving an opening close to where you began. Before completing the circle, lightly stuff the cap. Then, continue stitching and knot off.
  11. In the center of the cap, make a small cut. Cut a small length of grapevine and dip it into a puddle of tacky glue. Push the twig into the opening. Take two small stitches on either side to hold the twig in place.
  12. Rip a 1/2” wide piece of wool or homespun and tie it to the twig. Angle the ends.
  13. Put pins and needles into the pincushion.