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Add Comfort to your Mask with Shoelaces

By Tabitha Sewer


Hi everyone! Tabitha here. Everyone is making masks nowadays. I have been enjoying thinking of different ways to make them more fun and spunkier. One of the things that I found while making masks is how painful the elastic can be on my ears. So, I thought it would fun to create masks using shoelaces instead. This method is great because it relieves the pressure and pulling on your ears which allows for a more comfortable fit. I hope you enjoy it.

Step 1

Create a pleated mask. There are free patterns everywhere if you don’t have one. They are quite easy to find. (Here’s a great pleat jig from our Creator Tighe Flanagan).

Step 2

Once you create the base of your mask, let’s attach the shoelaces. Take one shoelace and cut it in half. 

Step 3

Sew the raw end of each half on the top and bottom of your mask.

Step 4

Take a toggle and slide the ends of both the top and bottom of the shoelaces into the toggle. The toggle will allow you to adjust how tight the mask fill fit around your ears.

That’s it! Show us your shoelace mask creations by tagging us @OLFAcreates and with #OLFAcreates.