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Maker Series – Jo Gick

Week after week we tuned into NBC’s Making It series to watch all the craftiness unfold. Jo Gick always brought a smile and tons of color to her creations each week. We were thrilled to catch up with Jo and learn a bit more about her!

Photo by Jackie Lindfors (Everydayness Photogaphy)


O: What was your riskiest design move on the show?

JG: I would say my riskiest design move on the show was probably when I decided to cover my bunny rabbit in hair. It was such a time-consuming process and I wasn’t sure that I was going to get the whole bunny covered in time. I really cut it close to the wire on that one.


O: Your snack stadium was pretty fun! What snacks do you munch on when you’re crafting?

JG: I am such a snacker!! It is a little bit of a problem. I get so wrapped up in what I am doing that sometimes I forget to eat and want to just grab something quick. My favorite snacks are pop chips, granola bars and I always have an iced chai latte nearby.

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O: How do you keep your inspiration board so neat and clean and organized?

JG: I am very particular about what I decide to tack on my board. I have to really love it to pin it up. I want to make sure that it is more curated and less overwhelming to look at.

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O: In your craft room, what is the one organizing feature you love the most?

JG: I love the Ikea peg boards that I put on the 2 walls. It is so nice to have everything right at my fingertips. This is the first time I have had all my craft supplies in one dedicated space. I convinced my husband I was worthy of my own craft room in the garage after my appearance on the show LOL!


O: What are some of the features you love to include when you design rooms for babies and kids?

JG: I really love to add personal touches to the room. This is why I often make things for each of the rooms I design for the kids. I want them to look special and unique, not just something you can pick up at a big box store. I really like to listen to the kids and parents about what is important to them so I can give a nod to that in the room.

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O: Were you a crafty kid? Who influenced you to try making things, both as a child and later as an adult?

JG: Oh my gosh YES!! I was always making something. My parents both nurtured my creativity and let me experiment with all different mediums. My mom was a Pre school teacher so she wasn’t afraid to let me get messy. She would put one of my dad’s old work shirts on backwards as a smock and let me go to town. My dad was always tinkering in his garage. He had a forge he built that he would make things in. I would sit out there with him and keep him company. He would give me a bunch of shims and some wood glue and I would make things. I have such fond memories of creating things as kid.


O: What was your most nerve-wracking moment on the show?

JG: I think my most nerve racking moment is when I was making the cactus for the back-yard bonanza. I first painted it a darker green and I didn’t like the way it was turning out. So, I decided last minute to spray paint it a brighter green. The paint took forever to dry. I was putting the last details on it with my paint pen and it was still tacky. The chairs I made for the backyard bonanza were still a little damp too and so was the table cloth! YIKES!!


O: If you could only have one crafting medium to work with, what would it be?

JG: Spray Paint

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O: What lesson have you learned about yourself being on Making It?

JG: I learned not to take myself too seriously. I am a pretty competitive person but mostly with myself. I can really get in my head and beat myself up about things. I think anytime as a designer or artist when you put your work out there it makes you feel rally vulnerable. I think you just need to be proud of your craft and know that it may not be for everyone.


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